Back to School Shopping—Mom Included!

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We received Bzees shoes to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are our own. We only give honest reviews. Okay, I admit it... I don't really do a lot of back-to-school shopping. Some may say that I'm a little crazy, but I get excited when it's time to go buy new pencils and notepads and they are on SALE! Yeah, I'm THAT Mom, but I'm also not one to go overboard either, especially since we are homeschooling now. I don't feel like we need to go out and purchased a season's (or several season's) worth of clothing all at once. I like to shop around and pick things up throughout the year as we see sales and as my boys grow out of them. With that being said...I also LOVE shoe shopping! Since fall is right around the corner (can you believe summer is almost over already?) I have been searching for the perfect shoes that are not only fashionable, but are also comfortable. Let's face it, I'm a busy Mom and while I like to look great, comfort matters and I often give in and buy … [Read more...]

A Look Inside My Beach Bag + GIVEAWAY

Beach Bag view

Summer may be close to coming to an end, but we aren't quite ready to hang up our beach towels just yet. Our boys love being outdoors, and a trip to the beach is super fun for the whole family, but I definitely do not like to go unprepared. There was a time in my life (before having children) that I would simply throw on a bathing suit and jump in my car heading towards the beach. Today is much different because I like to be prepared. When you have kids it's always important to be prepared, no matter where you are going. Today I'm sharing with you a Look Inside My Beach Bag! So, what's in the bag? Beach Towels We like to pack 1-2 extra towels just in case they are needed to cover seats in the car or wipe something up. I also prefer packing the large beach towels. Sunscreen Make sure your sunscreen is waterproof and at least 30 SPF or higher. We prefer to use 50 SPF. First Aid Kit I don't like to leave home without a first aid kit. I'm always sure to bring band-aids, … [Read more...]

Violin Starter Sets for Kids — On Sale Now!

violin set

I'm just a little excited about this awesome deal because (this may come as a shocker to some of you) I played the violin for many years! That's right! I played and I absolutely loved it! Playing the violin was such a rewarding and great thing in my life. It actually helped me through a lot of tough times and struggles. I guess you could say that I often took my temper out on my violin when I was upset, but it turned out to be a beautiful thing! I just wish I hadn't given it up as I got older and busier. (This post may contain affiliate links. Thanks for your support!) The Violin Starter Set is perfect for beginner violin players, and it contains everything your child needs to play! What’s more, it includes a great teacher, the award-winning eMedia My Violin interactive Win/Mac CD-ROM. Available in three sizes so kids as young as 5 can learn to play! Here's what Kole, age 11, has to say about the Violin Starter Sets for kids. Kole has a point - what is the difference … [Read more...]

I’ve Been SICK


Over a month ago I took my 2nd born son to the doctor. He ran a fever the night before and then had a rash and a sore throat. It's not uncommon for him to get a rash when he is sick, but I just wanted to make sure everything was okay. My worries were gone when the doc said he had a bug that was going around and would be better in a couple of days. Sure enough, by the third day he was completely fine. No rash, no fever, no sore throat. The bug traveled through our house to the other boys (all but our third born, who never seems to get sick). I also started feeling a sore throat and having cold symptoms the exact same day the 1st in our family caught the bug. The only difference took me 2 full weeks to get over that pesky cold. All of my kids were better in about 3 days. As soon as the cold started to subside I ended up in the ER with sharp stomach and back pains. Let me back up a bit...The cold ended and a couple days later, on a Friday I started having sharp pains. I waited … [Read more...]

You’ll Get Through This—Max Lucado

You'll Get through this

I received a copy of the book for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own. Are you going through tough times? Maybe you've been given a not-so-pleasing diagnosis, been let go from your job, or maybe your best friend has betrayed you? It doesn't matter what you are going through at the moment....You WILL get through this. Max Lucado's new book, You'll Get Through This, was a great reminder that it doesn't matter that I'm going through, I'm a child of God and I'm perfect in His eyes and He has great plans for me- Plans to prosper me! It doesn't matter what I'm going through, it's only for a season and "I'll get through this". I'm not sure why, but sometimes it takes reading someone else's words on the page of a book to remind us that life gets better and we mustn't worry. In his book Lucado discusses the troubles that Joseph went through in the bible. All too often I think we put our troubles on a high pedestal and think that what we are going through is SO bad, but look … [Read more...]

Potty Power Academy #SummerGuide Giveaway

Potty Power

Oh the joys of motherhood. You bring your sweet baby home to cuddle and love. You've read all of the baby books, yet having a baby at home seems a little different than they describe in the baby books. And then it's time to potty train. You think you've got it all figured out until---HALT! The baby (now toddler) decides he/she's got other plans. That's when you reach out to others. Potty Power Academy is an online resource for both parents and kids to aid in the transition from diapers to potty. Potty Power Academy is a website developed by MazzMedia, a family owned educational publisher. Potty Power Academy is built for the new generation of technologically savvy toddlers. The site provides an interactive and engaging learning experience for kids to learn the concepts and skills necessary to use the potty independently. Potty Power Academy has joined us in our Summer Product Guide and This N That with Olivia posted all of the details HERE. Are you fed up with diapers? Potty Power … [Read more...]

We Are Having a Blast Outdoors With Our Geospace Foam Rockets!

air archer rocket

Thanks to GeoSpace for sponsoring this post. All opinions expressed are our own. What is one thing that all little boys seem to love? ROCKETS!!! Our boys have been having a blast outdoors this summer with their Geospace bungee line of rockets! There are several to choose from... Geospace Pump Rocket Bungee Blast JR The Pump Rocket Bungee Blast JR is the longest in size and flies higher and farther than its mini counterpart. My boys have been having a blast shooting this rocket into the sky and across the yard! They've even tried to race the rocket! It's become a real fun game for them! Geospace Pump Rocket Bungee Blast Mini The Pump Rocket Bungee Blast Mini is JR's little brother rocket. This rocket is meant for those on the small side, or those who want something easier to handle. Our 5 year old absolutely loved having his own rocket that he could launch all by himself! Geospace Air Archer The Air Archer is the most powerful rocket of them all! It has a bow and arrow … [Read more...]

Are You Trying to Be a Super Hero?


Think about it...when our children are young they get all excited about the thought of super heroes coming out of nowhere to save lives. They dream of being a super hero one day and saving the world. Totally normal, right? Of course it is, but then one day our children grow up and they realize that super heroes aren't real. They take it in and move on with their lives, as if nothing ever happened. Sure, they might be disappointed and a little sad at first, but they move on. So, if our children are able to accept this reality and move on, then why can't we? What do I mean? How many times have you caught yourself comparing yourself to another mother? How many times have you wished you could be a better parent, person, friend or spouse? Think about those times another parent showed up with the perfect treats at school. I mean, those treats were Pinnable, not like your usual Pinterest fails (trust me, I've been there!) Or, how about the time you dropped your child off at the … [Read more...]