2 Weeks in—School at Home With @SycamoreAcademy We are starting our 3rd week today!

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(Some people think outside the box...some think better INSIDE the box!) I like to say that we are homeschoolers, however some may not see us as homeschoolers simply because we aren't all schooling the traditional homeschool way. No, we aren't and I'm honestly quite glad we aren't. While I have always wanted to homeschool, I currently feel like at this time in my life it is best that I have help. That is why I was extremely excited when I came across Sycamore Academy's website. I had searched high and low for a private online school that wouldn't cost me both my arm and my leg (you know what I mean). Let me back up a bit for those of you that are visiting for the first time or for anyone that hadn't read my earlier posts... Our older children all attended public school for several years. We felt led to enroll the boys into a private school, but it was 30 minutes from our house. After making the drive half of the year we decided we would like to move closer to the school. I was … [Read more...]

Kohl’s $100 Gift Card Winner Announcement! Is it YOU?

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Congrats to our lucky winner! Winner has 48hrs to contact us with shipping info and claim prize. Thanks to all who entered! Be sure to check back often for new giveaways! … [Read more...]

The Only Car Seat You’ll Ever Need-Evenflo Symphony LX #ad

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This post is sponsored by One2One. We only give honest reviews and all opinions expressed are our own. I remember being a new parent (wow, that was so many years ago) and being so confused when trying to decide which products I needed to have before I was going to bring my new baby home. Back then there were a lot of products on the market, but times have changed in 14 years and there are even more now! I'm amazed at the advancement, but it's pretty excited because companies are working harder and harder to keep our children safe, and that's the most important part in all of this. Safety matters. We received the Evenflo Symphony™ LX car seat. It's an all-in-one car seat that fits children from 5-110 pounds! This is like the Cadillac of car seats, seriously! It's the only car seat you will EVER need! Now, as a mom of 5, I get excited when someone tells me that they are going to save me money. I'm even more excited when someone tells me that they are going to help make things … [Read more...]

Soccer Moms are Busy!


We are in soccer mode and while I am crazy busy, I'm loving every minute of it! Our 4, 6 and (almost) 9 year old are all playing soccer this year. It's the first time we have had 3 in sports all at once, and I was a little overwhelmed at first (I admit that).  I am quickly finding that having the boys at home doing their school work has actually given me more time. Sounds crazy, right? It really has though. I don't feel like I'm struggling to fit time with my boys in. I don't feel like I'm struggling to get the housework and everything done. Seriously, the racing and madness has been lessened! How crazy is that!? We have soccer practice 3-4  nights a week and 2 games on Saturdays currently. After Labor Day weekend our older son playing soccer will start having games as well (and I'm sure it will get super busy then!) We have really enjoyed cheering our little guys on! Aren't they cute!? The goalie is our 6 year old! He is a pretty competitive little soccer player, but he seems to … [Read more...]

Best Pencil Sharpener Ever-Classroom Friendly Supplies GIVEAWAY #ad

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We want to take a moment to Thank Classroom Friendly Supplies for supplying us with a pencil sharpener to facilitate this review/post. All opinions expressed are our own. We only give honest opinions. Last year I worked at the private school our children were attending. The school was using electric pencil sharpeners, but we were always having problems with the sharpeners breaking. That's not the only thing though, they were often distracting the class as they made noise while sharpening causing students to look up from their work. The school decided to purchase new pencil sharpeners for the classrooms and they searched high and low for sharpeners made like the ones that were in classrooms years ago. You know, the high quality metal sharpeners with real metal insides? Yeah, those were NOT easy to find! We came across Classroom Friendly Supplies and fell in love! As a matter of fact, the school purchased one new sharpener for each classroom! The teachers and students were all … [Read more...]

From the Shoes to the Shirts- We Got it at Kohl’s! #ad


A special Thanks goes out to Kohl's for these great products we mention in the post. We only give honest reviews. All opinions expressed are our own. It's no lie, I love Kohl's and I was SUPER excited when they added a Kohl's to the plaza in our small town! My husband wasn't thrilled about this new shopping outlet, that is until he saw the savings! I'm not kidding, I have saved SO much by shopping at Kohl's! I love that they run sales and offer Kohl's CASH to their customers! It makes shopping even more exciting!!! When shopping for Back-to-School products we did what we would normally do, we jumped in the car and headed to Kohl's! Our boys all received products! Guess how much we spent on all of this? (Note, there are TWO pairs of tennis shoes!) We got all of this (and I actually realized there are a few items missing from the photo) for around $100!!!! Isn't that awesome! Where else can you get 2 pair of tennis shoes and about 10 other items for $100? I love the savings we … [Read more...]

Nothing Happens Until I’ve Had My Coffee! +GIVEAWAY!


Thanks so much to eKoffee for the yummy samples so that we could make this post possible. We only give honest reviews and all opinions are our own. Everyone knows I need my coffee if I'm going to function. Listen, I have 5 boys and I must keep up! About a year ago I purchased a Keurig coffee maker. I was super excited about this because I was no longer going to be wasting coffee or having to heat it up b/c I let it sit in the pot while sipping throughout the day. But then, when I went to the store and realized how expensive the single coffees were I was shocked! I'm not super cheap, but I like to think I'm a little frugal, even when it comes to my coffee. I'm a mom and I feel I have to sacrifice sometimes so I can buy necessities. I started doing some research and was able to find these handy little containers for my Keurig that I can fill with my own ground coffee! I knew this was the answer to my problem, however it wasn't until the first time I tried eKoffee that I realized I … [Read more...]

Fun Kid Lunch Ideas! #BTS

Kid friendly foods

We survived our first week of school and everyone was super impressed with their lunches (and snacks) we prepared every day! We thought we would share in case you are like me and are always scrambling to come up with new kid lunch ideas. Monday Corndog Muffins and fruit. Interested in our corndog muffin recipe? You can find it HERE. TUESDAY PB&J Roll Ups, Cucumbers and Watermelon. To make PB&J Roll Ups simply lay tortilla shells flat, spread PB&J, place banana in center and roll! That's it! Wednesday Egg Salad Sandwich & Fruit Thursday Sub sandwiches (Pepperoni, Turkey, Ham & Cheese), Yogurt & String Cheese Friday Leftover day! We turned leftover meatloaf into sloppy joe sandwiches and had fruits and veggies. What are some kid friendly lunches you like to serve? … [Read more...]