Filling Easter Baskets With Lasting Fun #VTech #ad

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*We received VTech product to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are our own. Every year I cringe when I start to think about all of the candy my children will receive and consume over Easter time. They will receive candy from egg hunts, grandparents, aunts and uncles and from the Easter Bunny. I have tossed up the idea of informing the Easter Bunny that my children could use something different, however the question was always, what? What would the Easter Bunny fill those baskets with if he didn't leave candy? This year I heard about how the Easter Bunny was leaving toys in baskets! We received a few little trinkets in the past, however nothing really cool that made the boys forget about all of that sugary goodness they were used to. When I read about baskets full of things that the children love and can use over and over again my mind started to go into overload, I was full of ideas! We received VTech games and toys for review not long ago. This got me thinking, … [Read more...]

Seasons of Gray DVD Winner…

I am so very sorry that I have not been around near as much. Short post coming soon to update you on what where I have been. In the meantime, we have a WINNER!!!! Shaunte Oakley is the Season's of Gray Winner!!! Winner has been notified and has 48hours to contact us in order to claim prize. Congrats to our winner! Thanks to all who entered! … [Read more...]

And The Paisley Hanger Giveaway Winner is…

...Lisa S! Lisa has been contacted and has 48hrs to respond in order to receive prize. Thanks to all who entered! Be sure to check back often for new giveaways! … [Read more...]

Breakfast in a Jif


I am part of the Hormel Foods Extended Family Blogger Program, all opinions expressed are our own. We were sent Hormel® Compleats® Good Mornings this month. I must say that we were pretty happy Hormel had come out with a breakfast food that is so easy to heat and go! As a busy Mom I'm all for easy, and since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet the one that is often skipped, we thought this was a great product! I was surprised to hear that 84% of Americans believe that eating breakfast is an important part of their morning routine, however 56% skip breakfast several days a week (or more). I admit that I fall into the category of people who thinks it's important, but doesn't always eat breakfast. I think for me, it all comes down to time. It's not that I want to skip breakfast, but I simply don't have time to cook something up every morning. That can change though because Hormel Completes have a whole lineup of breakfast meals that can be heated and ready to eat in … [Read more...]

Common Core & Parent’s Rights

My children are very important to me, as is their education. I am sure many of you can agree with me on this, right? It is for this reason that I have been researching, attending meetings and doing all that I can to make myself as knowledgeable as possible about Common Core. I am saddened by the number of people that aren't informed about Common Core. I'm not blaming it on anyone, I'm really not. I'm just stating that it's sad to me that people were not more educated about what their children would be learning. It saddens me that we would simply pass something and put it into motion without fully knowing what it was all about. This article, Why I Proposed H.B. 237, written by Representative Andy Thompson is a great read. It really explains a lot about Common Core and why we should fight for the education (future) of our children. Recently in a small town in Ohio a mother was shocked as her children were targeted over the opt-out forms she submitted to the school. The mother, Sarah … [Read more...]

Humio Humidifier #Review #ad


We were sent a Humio humidifier to facilitate this review. We only give honest reviews. One thing I love is the cool mist coming from a humidifier in the home, especially during winter and spring months. We really didn't have any expectations for our new humidifier. I mean, we figured it would be just like any other humidifier and we would be pleased with it. I stop there... The Humio humidifier is NOT like your typical humidifier! This humidifier is a dual-functioning humidifier with a night lamp (yep, it changes colors---which is totally cool!) This isn't like a vaporizer that boils water and releases warm steam making the room feel mubby. Nope, the Humio releases cool mist which can be used all day long without any interruption or discomfort. It holds a half-gallon of water which allows for basically 10 hours of use per tank---awesome, awesome, awesome! But wait, there's more... The Humio has a 360° Rotating Mist Outlet that is designed to easily change the direction of the … [Read more...]

Teaching My Children About Anger

I am all for taking the opportunity to teach my children when the moment is right. That is exactly what I did the other day when a couple of our boys were arguing. Rather than simply punish them, I wanted to really explain to them why what they were doing was wrong and how it could affect not only the person they were mistreating (in this case their brother), but it could also affect them as well. I explained to my boys how Christians are different. We must remember to react in a Christian way and that anger and not controlling our temper is not the right away to react. Are we going to be faced with anger throughout life...yes, however we have choices in how we react to that anger and making the right choice is very important. I went on to tell my boys about the story of Cain and Abel (Adam and Eve's first born sons). God required an offering of innocent animals as a sacrifice from each of them. Abel obeyed God and brought a lamb, however Cain did not obey God when he brought fruit … [Read more...]

Seasons of Gray Review + Giveaway


*The movie was sent to us to help facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are our own. Our family enjoys sitting down together to watch movies, however it is often (very often) hard to find movies that teach good values and real life lessons without foul language  and other content that we would rather not have our children view. We thought this movie was a great watch for our older boys. They really seemed to like the movie and have related well to it. Seasons of Gray is the modern day Joseph story. It tells the biblical tale of Joseph, only in a relevant and modern way. I was a little unsure how they were going to pull this off, however early into the movie I was already putting the pieces together and knew where they were going with the story (without knowing how it was going to end or what turn was around the corner). You can watch the trailor here: Without going into to much detail we would like to tell you a little more about the … [Read more...]