Having Fun With Our PLAYMOBIL Hockey Game #ad

We received free product from Playmobil to facilitate this post. All opinions expressed are our own. There's nothing I love more than to see my children sitting around a table playing nicely with one another. I love to watch my boys interact, use their imaginations and enjoy each others company. A couple of weeks ago we received PLAYMOBIL's NHL Hockey Arena. My boys are big soccer players, but they still enjoy the sport of hockey and were pretty excited to rip this big box open! I must say that setting it up was a breeze. As a matter of fact, my 11 year old pretty much had everything snapped together and in place before I could get my camera ready! There are 4 NHL players included in the box. They have movable arms and hockey sticks which make it fun to block goals! There's a joystick that you can use to maneuver the goalie from side to side. I must say that I thought this was going to be a lot smaller. I also wasn't sure how much play time it would get. I'm pleasantly … [Read more...]

Vacation Memories and #TradewindsTea #MomentsToSavor #ad

This post is sponsored by Tradewinds and the Mom It Forward Blogging Network. It’s been a couple of years since our family has had a real family vacation. We’ve been so busy with house flipping projects, fixing up our own home, family functions and so forth that we simply haven’t had the time. Not to mention, we have the most adorable puppy (she’s 2 now) that we just don’t want to leave. I’m sure we could find someone to watch her for a few days, but she’s so spoiled and we’d miss her. Taking her isn’t an option either since she’s so big and she’s a little hyper (okay, she’s pretty hyper). Just the other day my boys were talking about their favorite vacations. It was unanimous that our trips to the Smoky Mountains were definitely the favorite vacation spot! We have made some very fond memories there. I can remember the first time we took the boys there. My oldest son got a taste of some southern sweet tea at a restaurant we visited. From then on it was the only thing he drank the … [Read more...]

Trying to Get into the Halloween Mood…

This post is sponsored by Oriental Trading Company. All opinions expressed are our own. Fall is my favorite time of the year. I love that life sort of just slows down. We can cuddle up on the couch and watch movies together on the weekends. Our attire changes over to comfy clothing, cute boots and scarves (I admit that I have more scarves than I really have room for!) I love that we can throw comfort foods into the crockpot, enjoy hot cocoa and coffee and just relax. With that being said, this year things are going to be a little different. Let me explain. We are in the process of selling our home and buying a new home. This will be a challenge as we are homeschooling our 5 boys and we will need to go in and paint and lay new carpet before we can move into the new home. So, we are not exactly relaxing. Instead we are packing, cleaning, and preparing to get busy at the new house. I have had a chance to decorate our current home for fall. I convinced my husband that it would help us … [Read more...]

PeachSkinSheets Giveaway #2016HGG

This post is sponsored by PeachSkinSheets. They are part of our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide. Scroll to the bottom to read The Binder Ladies' Full Review. Okay, you are going to LOVE this one! I mean, I'm thinking this is only the greatest gift to add to your own wish list during the holidays, but it would also make a great gift for your parents, siblings, bff or anyone you typically put a lot of thought into buying gifts for, but spend way too much time thinking about the perfect gift, only to end up buying a gift card! I've been there! Picky decorators that demand quality, hot sleepers, and bargain hunters all have one thing in common - they are frustrated with their options for bedding. That’s where PeachSkinSheets comes to the rescue. PeachSkinSheets is your one stop shop for sheets that look and feel luxurious, while being durable, practical, easy to care for, high quality, and long lasting. PeachSkin Sheets has taken the hassle out of searching for sheets by delivering on the … [Read more...]

Woofpup Make a Great Gift #2016HGG

This post is sponsored by Woofpup. All opinions expressed are our own. My boys are real animal lovers! As a matter of fact, they are always trying to bring new pets into the home. I've caught them sneaking frogs in their pockets, worms (ewww), kittens, and even trying to convince me to catch and keep stray dogs! I did give in and we got the most adorable puppy 2 years ago. She's such a great dog for our family, but that doesn't keep them from asking for another pet! Since they love stuffed animals so much I found a product to keep them happy (for now!) In comes Woofpup! We welcomed the most adorable little black Woofpup into our home a couple of weeks ago. He's a cuddly plush pup and my boys have been taking turns sleeping with him every night! About Woofpup Woofpup.com is a new online engagement site for families and dog lovers to connect and share stories and photos of their lovable pups. It comes with a monthly treat! Families can play on the site together and help … [Read more...]

Slowing It Down This Fall w/ #TradewindsTea #MomentsToSavor #ad

This post is sponsored by Tradewinds and the Mom It Forward Blogging Network. Life has been crazy busy for our family. You may remember our house flipping venture that we took a little earlier this year? It actually turned out quite well, the house was beautiful when we were finished with it, however we were left very tired and ready to take a break. It took us about 3 months to finish the project, which is quite fast in my opinion, given we did a whole house remodel on a home that was over 2,000 square feet! Our boys love helping us make old homes new again, however they were pretty tired in the end. We recently handed over the keys to that house and are ready to slow it down. (Check out the kitchen before & after. What you aren’t seeing is that there were walls that were taken down and the whole space was opened up. It really was a pretty big project.) We thought we were going to slow down as soon as that house sold, however soccer was in session (it’s coming to an end soon) … [Read more...]

Win a $50 AMEX GC from ShopSmarter.com #ad

I love that I can shop online! It saves me so much time and money. Not only am I less stressed...no searching for parking spots, standing in lines, spending more than I planned or dealing with cranky kids (or husband), but I'm also saving! Yes, I save money when I shop online because I can see how much is going into my cart as I'm shopping. I'm also not sidetracked by fancy things in the aisles that I don't really need. And I can use ShopSmarter to help me save even more money! Cha Ching! ShopSmarter pays you 10% cash back at over 1,000 online stores like Walmart, Target and JCPenney plus the coolest niche and specialty retailers. They will also have special promotions and offer 20% cash back. Janell at SavingYouDinero.com loves this website and she is sure you will too! Sign Up To Get Cash Back: Visit ShopSmarter.com and create an account. The cost is $9.97 per month but you will get $10 cash back after your first purchase. Find your favorite store, click the “Visit Store” … [Read more...]

Back to School Backpack Check w/ ChapStick #ad

“The ChapStick® product, information and gift have been provided by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare.” This year has been a really busy one for us. Typically I spend more time discussing our homeschooling and day to day life with you all, however this year we've been so busy that I've skipped over much of it. I wanted to take a bit to let you all know a little about what we have going on. We are still homeschooling, however we have joined some very nice homeschool groups and are very active in sports and other clubs. Our children have a lot of friends and I believe they are more social and busy now that we are homeschooling than they were when we were at their old school. But, with that being said, we still like to do some of the traditional things...like shop for backpacks and back to school supplies. I'm a little old school and I like to keep things tidy and in order. I purchase the backpacks so that we can easily pack supplies and take them with us when we want to do our schooling … [Read more...]