Need Help Learning the Times Tables? We have 14 Resources!

Post may contain affiliate links. All opinions expressed are our own. I can vaguely still remember when I was trying to learn the Times Tables. I would get so frustrated and thought that I would never be able to get the hang of it. We are currently going through a similar situation with one of our boys. He was so frustrated with trying to learn his Times Tables. I kept insisting to him that Practice Makes Perfect and he'd eventually figure it out. No one wants their children to be frustrated with anything, so when there are easier ways, we try them, right? We're all ready for a new way of learning the times tables. Happily, inventive educators have created a multitude of activities to help learners succeed, have fun, and appreciate how times tables fit into everyday life! Educents rounded up some of the most engaging times table activities that serve all sorts of learning (and teaching!) styles, including video, music, printable worksheets, dominos, and more. SALE: This week on … [Read more...]

How’s My Driving? I Pledge to #TakeBackMyDriving

This post is in honor of Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Post may be sponsored or contain affiliate links. All opinions expressed are our own. It is no secret that the youth (and adults) are more distracted today with electronics and other means of communication and entertainment. With that being said, there are many accidents that could be prevented that are caused from distractions while driving. Thousands of people have died in car crashes that involve the use of cell phones. New technology allows us to make phone calls, send texts and update our social media accounts all while driving our vehicle. These actions are proven to increase crash risks---they are dangerous for not only us, but also those on the roads around us. The National Safety Council observes April as Distracted Driving Awareness Month in hopes to draw attention to this epidemic. NSC wants to empower you to put safety first and Take Back Your Drive. Today we would love to have you join us by taking the … [Read more...]

Kuhfs -The Trendy New Look #SpringGuide

Kuhfs is part of our 2016 Spring Gift Guide. All opinions expressed are my own. I may be Mom to 5 boys, but I'm totally into fashion. I'm always willing to give the newest trends a try, even before all of my friends. I guess that is why many of my friends look to me for fashion advice, even though most of them are the mothers of girls, and I've got all of the boys. I was recently introduced to a new product that I just couldn't wait to tell you about---Kuhfs! What are Kuhfs? Kuhfs is the product we have all been waiting for! How many times have you wished you had a way you could change up your boots? (I know I have!) Amy Olson, a mother, created Kuhfs out of her home in Chicago, Illinios after having searched the internet and every retail shop for a unique product that would add style to her boots and compliment her outfits. After failing to find a product like this on the market, Amy decided to create a cuff that would seamlessly wrap around the top of her boots to spice up … [Read more...]

New Mom Gift- Organic Baby Products #SpringGuide

One thing that we all have in common is that we want what is best for our new baby when he/she arrives. No parent would ever want to purposely use harmful products on their new baby. The problem is that many parents don't realize just how harmful many products on the market actually are for their children. Moms are now looking for a better option for their babies that are non-toxic and chemical free. The following product is non-toxic and chemical free and it helps protect and heal your baby's skin. Era Organics makes baby products that are USDA Organic and they treat everything from rashes, to stretch marks and they have products for breast feeding moms. (Make sure you check out the product page on Amazon because there is a code to save 25% on your order.) Go visit Janell at for an easy "New Mom" gift set that would be perfect to bring to a baby shower. Her kids have been using all these products and they love them! Healing Ointment for Babies – This is a USDA … [Read more...]

JLust by JLo Review & A Chance For You To Try!

We received product (JLust by JLo) for review. All opinions expressed are our own. It's hard to find a fragrance that smells great and lasts throughout the day. I'm always a little bummed when I find something I love, but it wears off within minutes of spritzing it onto my clothing. You might remember the review I did last year for JLuxe by JLo? I quickly fell in love with the perfume, so it might not be any surprise when I say that I was SUPER excited to hear that JLo was at it again and she was about to release another fragrance line--- JLust by JLo! About JLust by JLo: This fragrance is a fruity, floral, woody scent that opens with a trail of dewy, fresh Apple Blossoms woven around the effervescence of Juicy Mandarin and tantalizing Mara Strawberry. Soft and feminine Jasmine Sambac becomse fuzzy and sweet with White Peach at the heart and Vanilla Orchid creating a floral addiction (and I do mean addiction!) The drydown develops into luxurious warmth of Feather Musk, Tolu … [Read more...]

Getting Ready for Another Round of House Flipping!

Posts on our site may contain affiliate and sponsored links. All opinions expressed are our own. Well, it's that time of the year again---it's flipping time! Some may say we are crazy, but our family genuinely enjoys fixing up and selling homes. We see the challenge as a wonderful chance for our family to spend quality time together, and we love that we are turning something not-so-nice into an affordable and maintenance-free home for a family to enjoy for years to come.  You might remember my flip we did earlier this year? Many people have asked how we decide what products to put into the home and how we are going to go about the finish work. It's sort of a long process as I like to make sure I'm doing the right thing by the new owners. I started out by studying the market prior to purchasing things like our hardwood floors and lighting and I also wanted to make sure I was avoiding non North American Wood Flooring; though I found great information about North American … [Read more...]

Protect Your Purse w/ a Wrapurse + WIN $150 Visa GC!

We sometimes post affiliate links (we've got to keep our site running). All opinions expressed are our own. One thing that really gets me is germs. I mean, yeah I'm Mom to 5 boys and with boys often come messes, but when it comes to my belongings I prefer they stay clean (or at least for the most part). Take my handbag for instance... Have you ever sat your favorite handbag down only to find that you have just sat it in mud or gum, or some other yucky mess? Why don't we save your handbag from dirt and germs with a Wrapurse! What is a Wrapurse? A Wrapurse is exactly what it sounds like - a wrap for your purse! The Wrapurse fits over the bottom of your purse and protects it from dirt and germs so you can set it down without worrying about ruining it. The Wrapurse is made of high-quality fabric that will compliment your purse. It's reusable and packs away neatly when not in use. It's easy to wash too - you can wipe it clean and use it again. You can be sure your favourite bags … [Read more...]

Keep Math Skills Sharp With These Fun Math Games

This post may contain affiliate links. All opinions expressed are our own. I feel like Math is one of the toughest subjects. It could be boring, but we like to make it fun by playing games and singing songs---which makes it a not-so-tough subject now! How do you make math fun for your kids? Some kids  have to have real life scenarios, songs, games, or repetition to memorize and learn their math facts. I have 5 boys and they all learn differently, but I've found that when we make learning fun it makes life easier and they tend to hold onto the concept---and they even ask if they can do MATH! We hope you enjoy this list of math games, including board games, printable games, and DIY games. Multiplication Practice Paperfolding by Kids Activities Blog – By simply folding some paper into cootie catchers, you can actually create an informative math game for students focusing on anything from addition to fractions. Math Wall Stickers (Reusable!) - Play with math on the walls! This set … [Read more...]