French Toast Uniforms BTS Giveaway!

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Thanks to French Toast for supplying us with clothing to facilitate this review and giveaway. We only give honest reviews and all opinions expressed are our own. Last year I happened to stumble across the website, French Toast while searching for uniforms for my boys. I was so excited when I found this site because buying uniforms for 5 boys is NOT cheap! But, French Toast uniforms prices are SO low compared to the other stores we had shopped in the past for uniforms! Not only do they have low prices, but the knees of their pants are reinforced (this is very important when you have boys!) All of the products at French Toast are high quality  and held up really well for us last year. Check out what we received for our review this year... We received 2 polo shirts, a super comfy and cute zip up sweater and a navy jacket. Our boys look super fly in their new clothing! For those that have never heard of French Toast we wanted to tell you a little more about them. French Toast is … [Read more...]

We Started School Today @SycamoreAcademy #backtoschool


*Edited to say that we actually started school today! The first day went great! (This post was written last week). I can't wait to update you more once we have put more time in with our schooling! (Photo is not our school, however it's what I think of when I think of a one-room school house. That's what we have here in our house, however we have a few more rooms to roam when things get cramped! :) ) Remember when I told you I had taken that job last year working at my boys' private school doing Fundraising, Finances and Secretary work (among other things)? Well, you might also remember me saying that we have decided to stay home this year. By stay home I do not mean that I'M staying home, I mean that we are ALL staying home! That's right! With much thought and lots of prayer we have decided that it will be best if our whole family is home this year. I've been wanting to sit down and write about what we plan to do, however it wasn't until just recently that we finally made a … [Read more...]

I’m Sleeping Good With My Pillow! #ad

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We received free product to facilitate this review. We only give honest reviews and all opinions expressed are our own. My husband and I both complain of sore necks quite often when waking in the morning. As a matter of fact, I'm one to toss and turn all night long and I can never seem to get comfortable. We recently received the Opus Pillow from, and I have to say that I have not slept this good in years! I'm so very impressed with this pillow! As a matter of fact, every night when I go in to lay down I have to search through my husband's stack of pillows for my pillow! (He tries to steal it every chance he gets!) Yes, my husband and I are now fighting over this awesome new pillow! You'd think one would want to share their new pillow love, but oh how I love the comfort it gives my head! Oh how I love the good nights sleep! If ever I were to invest in something in the future, it would definitely be my sleep! A little about is North … [Read more...]

Feeling Confident With TONI&GUY Products-Now Available at Walgreens! #ad


*This is a sponsored post through Global Influence. All opinions expressed are our own. Last year I chopped my hair short. I was okay with it for a short time, but I quickly began to regret cutting my hair off. Now that it is growing longer again I'm feeling so much more confident. I don't know what it is about the long hair, but I just feel more confident when my hair is longer. I have super thin hair so I like to dry my hair with my head upside down and then flip and work the roots to get a nice voluminous look. (A little teasing never hurts either!) Speaking of hair and achieving a look to keep you confident, Toni & Guy products are now being sold at Walgreens! Our hair is our best fashion accessory and it really can make or break our self-confidence. TONI&GUY is a cutting edge range of hair care and styling products from one of the most innovative salons in the world! They have years of experience creating trends backstage at international fashions shows! (And THAT is … [Read more...]

Back to School With Kohl’s Giveaway! #ad

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This post is sponsored by Kohl's. All opinions expressed are our own. Have your children gone back to school yet? My boys start Monday! Crazy how quickly the summer went! We I am ready to get back into a routine and am super thrilled (excited and nervous) about having everyone home this year---wish me luck! With back to school comes back to school shopping. And with back to school shopping comes a thin pocketbook. Am I right? It doesn't have to be that way though! I did a lot of my shopping at Kohl's and was amazed at how much money we saved! Not only do they have clothing now, but they also have school supplies (from Office Max) and backpacks and lunch bags! I'm all about convenience (I have 5 kids people, I need the convenience) and that is why I choose to do as much of my shopping at one store. By the time I get to the 3rd store my little shopping buddies have had enough and they are ready to tear something up! haha! (No seriously!) Because we did so much of our shopping at … [Read more...]

Help a School by Shopping Back-to-School Gear at @Schoola #clothes4school #ad


This post is sponsored by Schoola. All opinions expressed are our own. My boys are officially ready for school to start! We have all of our gear and everything is in order. Now, I have 5 boys and school supplies, new shoes, clothing and all of the curriculum and so forth is not cheap! (I sense some of you shaking your heads in agreement!) With that being said, I have spent a little time shopping at thrift stores this year. I love a good bargain! But you know what I'm really excited about!? I'm super excited about Schoola! What is Schoola? Schoola is the place that I went this year to get some great (gently used) bargains for my children for school! And I did it all from the convenience of my home! As you can imagine, I'm very busy with 5 boys and all, but to top that off I also have 2 blogs and a boutique to run! Anytime I can get a good deal and save myself time---I'm in! Time is valuable and oftentimes we tend to lean for convenience and spend a little extra---not this … [Read more...]

Back to School With #ad

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If you are looking for curriculum or a little extra help teaching your Preschool, Pre-K or Kindergarten student, you really must check out! I have to mention that we were given a free subscription to to facilitate this review. We only give honest reviews and all opinions expressed are our own. When we first started using I couldn't wait to try it out, but then we got busy and I kept putting it off. Now I'm asking myself, WHY did I do that!? My 4 year old and 6 year old boys love playing (and yes, they think they are playing, they don't even realize it's "school") on! I want to take a moment to explain to you just exactly what is and why it's something you should consider for your children. is full online curriculum Preschool through Kindergarten. There is a Step-by-Step learning path with 6 levels (over 450 lessons!) Your child moves on to the next level once he/she has completed the first levels. They … [Read more...]

Dare to Bare & Win a Trip to Hawaii!!! #spon #daretobare

dare to bare

*We want to thank Bare Snacks for sponsoring this post. All opinions expressed are our own. Are you willing to bare it all? No, I don't mean take your clothes off! Bare snacks is holding a contest and they want YOU to enter! Seriously, they are giving readers the chance to WIN a trip to Hawaii!!!! C'mon, who doesn't want to win a trip to Hawaii? But first, I have to say that if you have never heard of or tried Bare Snacks, now is the time! Bare snacks are just that...bare. Their mission is to strip away the artificial by creating delicious, undressed snacks that are simple! All of the Bare snacks have no more than 7 ingredients! That's impressive! Their goal is to keep every snack free from artificial so that you can fall in love with the real fruit flavor. Seriously though, if you haven't tried them, we highly recommend you give them a try. Our boys LOVE snacking on Bare snacks! Onto the contest.... How do you enter? Go to the Bare Snacks Facebook page <----Click the words … [Read more...]