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Cow gone...take me away! - Raising My 5 Sons

Cow gone…take me away!

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Cow gone take me away! Maybe you haven’t ever heard that saying before? Well this is something a mother of 3 girls says often, right Mom? ha ha! I guess a Mother of 4 boys might say this from time to time too. (The reason it is spelled like this on my blog is because when my sisters and I were younger we always would say Cow Gone instead of Calgon.)

Let me explain how great (said with sarcasim) my day has been today. I wake up this morning and come downstairs feeling pretty good. That is until I see my hubby sitting on the couch still in his bath robe. By now he should be dressed and just about ready to head out the door. I can tell just by looking at him that he isn’t feeling well. It’s not often that he stays home. I knew he had waken a few times through the night, as did the baby, but I was really hoping they would both wake up feeling great this morning. (One can hope, right?)

Hubby’s throat was hurting him so bad he could hardly swallow, and the baby was still running a fever(however someone had misplaced the thermometer, so I was not able to get a true reading on the temp, but a Momma can tell when her baby is feverish, and he was.) So, I decided not to wait it out. With the H1N1 going around and so forth I didn’t want to take any chances, so I called the docs office first thing this morning and got them in right away. We rushed around trying to get everyone ready so we could go to the docs. It’s pretty cramped in one of those little office rooms with 3 kids, 2 adults and a doctor or nurse. We managed to all fit though. The kids are always so good when we go in there, I’m so proud of them! It turns out that hubby and baby both have farengitis (sore throats that are really red.) So, they are both on antibiotics and contagious for 48 hours. Let’s just pray no one else gets it!

Now I can handle taking care of sick kids. Heck, I can handle taking care of all 4 kids sick at the same time while I’m sick too! But, when hubby is sick….watch out! I am not sure why men are such babies when they get sick, but you would think it’s the end of the world. Hence my title…cow gone take me away! I don’t need away from the kids, but from my hubby! I really really hope this medicine kicks in quickly and he is back to his ol’ chipper self! He is so needy when he’s sick. I have been telling him all day to just lay down and take a nap already! ha ha! Don’t get me wrong, I’m waiting on him hand and foot…and hand and foot…and hand and foot…need I go on?

I went into Wal-Mart today to get their prescriptions filled. I left hubby in the car with the kids (because I thought this would make the whole process a lot faster.) The kids were watching a dvd and were fine the whole time. Hubby called me like 3 times while I was in there, and all I was doing was dropping the prescription off and picking up a few meds like tylenol. I get out to the vehicle with the tylenol and he throws a fit because he wants motrin..seriously? Of course, being the good wife that I am, when I go back in to pick up the prescriptions I buy him motrin. He is asleep now on the couch, along with the baby and it’s so very quiet. I have supper in the crockpot (chili…yummy!) and the middle two boys are quietly (yes, I said quietly…jealous aren’t you?) playing upstairs!!! Ok, I take that back…well, not that they are quietly playing, but I just heard something tumble down the steps. Don’t worry, I already checked and it was NOT a child! Whew!

So, I’m on my second POT of coffee and trying to get some energy to get my buns up off of the floor (couches are taken up by baby and hubby and I am not bothering them, so I’m on the floor with laptop on my lap) and get some cleaning done.

Speaking of my buns…I know you all don’t want to hear about them, but I must tell you a little more of what my 4 year old has to say about them. He SO loves me, he really does! Last night the boys had my big exercise ball out. I really meant well when I bought that and I really did think I was going to exercise on it daily, however it has really pretty much become a toy for the boys. Anyways, they get it out and my 4 year old says…
“Mommy, is this your exercise ball?”
I say…
“Yes, that’s Mommy’s exercise ball.”
He says…
“Why don’t you use it Mommy?”
I say…
Well, I don’t know, I probably should use it every now and then huh?
He says…
Well, maybe your butt cheeks are too big, you better not!

Wow, that hurts! ha ha! It’s ok though, like I said before, I’m not the one who has to look at them, right? However, maybe I should be worried? Hubby says I’m fine, but then again I’m thinking he probably feels that he must say that!

Gotta love little boys! :)

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