A Very Special Heart Review…

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Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

In honor of Valentine’s Day I decided to post my review of A Very Special Heart Necklace today.

I will start by explaining the necklace and it’s purpose to you…
Your Very Special Heart can be worn as a necklace or used as a key chain or purse clip (keychain/purse clip included). One side has an elegant filigree pattern, the other side – a smooth, contemporary finish. But it’s what’s inside this heart that makes it so very special.

Inside your Very Special Heart lies an incredible feat of engineering, which allows you to carry all of your Personal Health Records…and a dose of emergency medication. You can also carry all of your family’s health records and secure copies of important documents (passports, driver’s licenses, birth certificates etc).

How does your information get onto your Very Special Heart?

The Very Special Heart software makes it as easy as filling out a form at your doctor’s office. Just simply enter your information – and your Very Special Heart software puts it all together. It’s as simple as that.

A Very Special Heart can benefit anyone, but it is especially important for those with medical conditions.

If you or someone in your family has a chronic medical condition, like:

* Convulsions
* Diabetes
* Heart Disease
* Asthma
* Allergies
* Epilepsy
* Alzheimer’s
* Or other chronic medical conditions

- then you already know how accurate medical information and emergency medication can impact their health and happiness. Having your Very Special Heart or Globe with you at all times reassures you that no matter what dire medical emergency you face – panic and confusion can be mitigated. When 9-1-1 responds, your Very Special Heart or Globe will provide EMTs and doctors with all the information they need to provide life saving medical care for you or your loved ones.

Now here’s my story. I do not have a medical condition myself, but I do have a family member that does. I contacted A Very Special Heart in hopes that I could review this product for you all and then pass it along to my 9 year old cousin who needs this product very much. A Very Special Heart is a great company with a very kind and caring Heart!

My cousin lost her 27 year old husband very suddenly to a rare genetic disordered called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. They did not know he had this disorder until after his passing. He left behind him not only a wife, but 2 young daughters. My cousin, a stay at home Mom was grief stricken and overwhelmed. What was she going to do if one of her girls had inherited this awful disorder? She thought long and hard before making her decision to have the girls tested. In the long run knowing would be better for the girls because then they could be treated the way they would need to be treated if one of them were to have this disorder. Both girls were tested, and only one was given the good news of not having the disorder. The younger of the 2 girls was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Vascular Type. There is no cure for this type, so they have to live day to day not knowing what the next day might hold. My sweet cousin is now 9 years old. She is a beautiful little girl. Not a lot of doctor’s know a lot about this rare disorder, so they must carry with them a cd and a lot of paperwork just in case they might need it. They do see specialists for this disorder, but have to drive a distance to see them. When I saw A Very Special Heart I knew that it would be perfect for my little cousin. This would give them a way to discreetly carry all of the information needed about her disorder with them at all times.

I am very pleased with the overall look and feel of the necklace. It is a little large for a little girl’s neck, but it also came with a keychain, and this is how she will be carrying it until she gets a little bigger and can wear it around her neck. The chain is very solid and sturdy as is the key chain.

Thank you so much A Very Special Heart for opening up your hearts and sending this item free of charge for us to try out!

If you know anyone that could use this item (they also make globe key chains for men) be sure to stop by A Very Special Heart to check them out. They are on sale right now as well.

(I was given this item free of charge from A Very Special Heart. The item was then given to my 9 year old cousin who was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder. Although the item was given to me for free it did not in any way affect my review. I always give my honest opinion when reviewing an item.)

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