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I apologize for taking a bit to announce these winners. 
For those that missed it, while on vacation the first week of June my husband had to have an emergency surgery. It was all pretty scary, especially since we were in another state, and also because my husband has never stayed overnight in a hospital in his life. Things are going well now and he is starting to move around a lot better. 
I am very behind and apologize if it takes a bit to get back with all of your emails. I promise I will get to them all as I get a chance. Thanks for your patience!
And the WINNERS are…
Toots n Tots Wetbag winner is…
Madeline said… 81
I like you on Facebook (Madeline Doms Miller).madelinemiller at gmail dot com
Heather M said… 4
I wish I had known about babywearing and Born Free bottles when my daughter was little!She was colicky for almost 6 months.Very light bouncing helped her, holding her as much as possible helped. Also holding her on a certain angel seemed to help as well. Facing out/down with her head in the crook of your arm really worked. But really TIME was the best solution. There’s not much you can do to get rid of colic, but waiting it out. hmahan_0529@yahoo dot com said… 133
Daily tweet:!/EEK_031880/status/73178631924494336
Laura said… 4
I’m a Facebook fan of your newest page.
Lisa at Rockland Mother said… 16
I receive your email feed.
Anonymous said… 14
Love the flower one! Follow you on facebook!
Addison K.A.T. said… 55
daily tweet!/AddieLuke/status/77741562838261761
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