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Under the Bed iPad App Review... - Raising My 5 Sons

Under the Bed iPad App Review…

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We just recently started to review iPad apps. My boys love to play my iPad, however when I first got it I was a little afraid to let them touch it. (Don’t look at me like you think I’m crazy, you all know that 5 boys and electronics don’t really mix well. That’s better, I see you shaking your head in agreeance).
After having my iPad for a few months, ok about a half of a year, I got a little brave and started to let the boys play with it. What I wasn’t expecting was for them to be great with it and totally fall in love with it. Who would have known there were so many great apps on that darn thing? Who would have known that this would be our new best friend when at the doctor’s office, on long trips in the car or any other place we have to sit and patiently wait for something? I just wish I would have had one of these things sooner! 
Ok, now for the fun part, the apps. As I said before, we are new to reviewing apps because I didn’t let my boys play with the iPad at first, however we have a ton of different apps on our iPad now and are quickly finding the ones that are worth keeping and fun to play and the ones that aren’t so great and not worth keeping. 
We recently reviewed Mighty Fudge Stuido’s New “Under the Bed” iPad App. 
The app is currently in the Top 5 apps this week on
We were a little disappointed. 
I hate to give a negative review, but I must say that I was expecting more from the app. It was sort of confusing. Where is the fun in this app? I thought my younger boys were going to be scared when they played it, however they weren’t. I’m still not understanding the whole “Monster under the bed” for young children though. I teach my boys that there are no such things as monsters and then there is this app that sort of makes it funny, but almost a little creepy. Is it just me, or does anyone else see this app as being a little disappointing? I wanted more from it. More games, more interacting and maybe a little more explanation or something(?) 
The graphics and everything are great on the app. The sounds work with the whole theme, however I think I just wanted more from it. My older boys played it once or twice and told me they didn’t like it. When I tried to get their opinion of it for my review they just said it’s not fun.
You can find the Under the Bed app on iTunes
(Disclaimer: We received the app free of charge to review. We only give honest reviews.)

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