Loyal Frayons Review & GIVEAWAY!!!

Every year my husband takes his yearly hunting trip. The last couple of years he has been bringing the two older boys with him (more to camp and hang out, not to hunt.) The boys have so much fun spending this one on one time with their Daddy and they love hanging out with their cousins and other family members that are along on the trip. They load up their vehicle and drive about 3 hours to get to their location. 
This year when the boys came home from their hunting trip they couldn’t quit talking about a book they had read while they were there. The book, Loyal Frayons by Maurita Kisor. Maurita is a friend of the family. I had no idea she had written a book until the boys came home talking about it. They said the book was so good they wanted us to buy a copy so the younger boys could read it too! My interest was really sparked, so I went onto Amazon.com and picked up a copy of this book. I must say that I was impressed as well! 

A Little About the book, Loyal Frayons…

Loyal Frayons is full of rhyming words that create sing-song descriptions of ordinary objects as depicted within the colorful illustrations. The book is so colorful that even our 17 month old was interested. The author, Maurita Kisor uses Spanish words for the colors. I loved this because my boys are now learning how to say their colors in Spanish. Each character in the book shows their own distinctive personality: family, compassion, citizenship, holidays, recreation and earth awareness.
My boys were right, this is a great book that everyone should read! 
We were not contacted to do this review. This is an honest review that we decided to post on our own. The giveaway is also being sponsored by us, not the author or the publishing company. 
You can purchase your copy of Loyal Frayons by Maurita Kisor online at Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble.
Now let’s get to the giveaway!!!

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