The Bear Went Over The Mountain Review….

The Bear Went Over the Mountain is a childhood favorite for many, and now you can enjoy it with your children! This book is beautifully illustrated by storyteller Iza Trapani.

Details of the story…

A bear goes over the mountain to see what he can see (curious bear), to hear what he can hear, to smell what he can smell, to touch what he can touch and to taste what he can taste–what a curious bear! When he sets out on a sunny morning in spring he uses all five of his senses to explore the world around him. He smells a skunk (yuck!) and sweet honeysuckle vines (yum!). He sees dragonflies and fuzzy ducklings, hears crickets chirping, he touches a soft flower blossom, and more! When it starts to get a little chilly he goes back to his cave to snuggle and sleep.

What did we think?

We thought the book was very well written and illustrated. There were lovely watercolors and fun scenes throughout. As a matter of fact, my boys have had me reading this book to them over and over again. It seems to be a family favorite! Not only are we reading the book, but we are singing it too!

*Disclaimer: We received a free copy of the book for review. We only give honest reviews.







  1. Thanks so much for this lovely review! Happy reading and singing!

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