GUND Top Dog Contest!

GUND is the maker of some of the cutest stuffed animals we have ever owned. They are currently hosting their first ever GUND “Top Dog” Contest!

How do you enter?

Simply visit the GUND Facebook page and submit a photo of your dog in one of the following four categories:

  • Most Beautiful Dog
  • Ugliest Dog
  • “Doganista”/Best Dressed Dog
  • Dog that Most Resembles its Owner


GUND will create a limited edition model of the winner’s dog! The dog will be available in gift and toy stores in 2012! Your pup could become a GUND plush! Isn’t that awesome!?


The contest will run July 16-Auguest 15, 2012. Winners will be chosen the week of August 20th and announced the week of August 27th.

Entries: July 16 – August 5

Voting: August 6 – August 15

But wait, that’s not all!

While the GUND “Top Dog” Contest is taking place on Facebook, GUND will run the “Most Pinteresting Dog” Contest on Pinterest!

How do you enter?

Simply post your entry on your own pages and “tag” @GUNDMostPinterestingDog and submit the link to GUND at

Contest Details:

The “Most Pinteresting Dog”  Contest winner will be selected based on the number of times the entry is “liked” on the GUND Pinterest board.


The winner will receive a selection of GUND products valued at $250 retail!

For complete rules see “Top Dog” Contest and “Most Pinteresting Dog” Contest rules at


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