Kalahari ROCKS!!!

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If you are looking for a family friendly place to vacation then you really must visit waterpark! Now we have been to many waterparks, but I must say that Kalahari far exceeded our expectations. When we arrived to the destination the computers went down upon us walking up to the desk. Rather than make us wait for the computers to come back up the friendly desk clerk called someone up to take our luggage so we could get started exploring the facility.

But, that’s not all she did. She also offered us a free supper and free arcade tokens for our troubles. That is what I call excellent service! The computers actually came back up before they even had time to haul our luggage away, but the kind lady still insisted we keep the supper and arcade tokens. (Many Thanks to her!)

The first thing we did was drop our luggage off in our room. The moment we walked into our room we didn’t want to leave it! There was a mini kitchen, living room/dinette, 2 bedrooms (one with a king bed and another with 2 queen beds), 2 bathrooms and a large jacuzzi tub. Off of the living room was our very own balcony overlooking the cool animal adventure park and all of the other outdoor activities. The boys loved watching the animals from our room!

When we arrived it was close to the end of school, so there were buses of kids there for overnight field trips. With that being said, the place was so big it didn’t even feel crowded. We only had to wait in line one time (for a large water slide) and I think that was simply because ALL of those kids decided to go down that particular slide at the same time.

Our supper was excellent. We had calamari and nachos as appetizers and everyone was able to order something to their liking as their main course. We loved the atmosphere in the restaurant and felt really comfortable eating there.

The waterpark was so large and had so many different areas that often times it was hard to find one another when my husband and I would split up with the boys. Our boys are still talking about the wave pool and lazy river. I think we spent most of our time in those two areas.

While I must make note that the food is a little bit pricey, I have to say that we would still recommend visiting this destination. We will definitely, without a doubt be back!

We did have to cut our trip short as one of the boys woke up feeling a little sick, but we promised the boys we would make another trip soon.

*We received a free night stay and some additional promotional items for this post. We only give honest reviews.
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