5 Tips For Successful Sleepovers

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Sleepovers are a rite of passage for children as they begin to grow up and develop their own social circle of friends. Sleepover parties are a popular option for celebrating birthdays, the beginning of summer or just for fun.

While kids always want their sleepover party to be the most fun they and their friends have ever had, parents know that there is some serious planning that will have to happen in order to keep a houseful of active kids entertained for an entire evening. The following five tips will help parents and their children to ensure that they will have the best sleepover anyone in their circle of friends has ever thrown.

Create a Theme 

Sleepover parties should have a loose theme that can help a person to plan snacks and activities. A simple theme could just be a movie marathon in which the kids enjoy popcorn and soda as they watch a series of movies during the night. Other sleepover themes include camping, luaus and spa parties. This can help to narrow down the choices for activities and snacks when planning a sleepover.

Plan Entertainment 

Sleepovers should always include lots of time for kids to have fun talking and giggling. However, it is helpful to have a few activities planned in case they begin to get bored. Entertainment can include some different video games and movies. It can also include some fun outdoor games that can be played in the backyard. Music and colorful lighting also tend to be a hit with older children.

Provide Snacks 

When kids are up all night, they are going to get hungry. Start the night off with a simple meal such as pizza or burgers. Then, have some finger foods such as chips, popcorn and veggie trays ready in case the kids get hungry. While planning snacks, do not forget to have something ready for breakfast. Doughnuts or breakfast sandwiches are a great way to get kids up and off to a good start the morning after a sleepover.

Set Up a Sleep Area Every sleepover will require a designated sleep area in which the children can spread out their blankets and pillows, and sofa beds for sleepovers are also a great idea for giving children a comfortable place to spend the night. Parents should always have a few extra pillows and blankets on hand for any children who may have forgotten to bring their own.

Give Them Space. One of the most important things a parent can do for a sleepover is to give the kids their own space to have fun. If all of the other tips have been followed, then the children will already have everything that they need to enjoy their night. Stay close by in case there is a problem, but otherwise, let the kids have fun.

A sleepover party can be an exciting event in which a child is able to enjoy an evening with their friends in order to celebrate a special occasion. When parents plan in advance to be prepared to keep the party going with the right food and entertainment, then everyone can enjoy the evening while being comfortable and excited about the event.

*Guest post by Becky W.

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