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Let's PARTY! - Raising My 5 Sons

Let’s PARTY!

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So You Want To Throw The Best Birthday Party Ever…

The most fun a kid will ever have is at his birthday party. It ranks in happy memories above trips to amusement parks, holidays and every other kind of glad childhood remembrance. Adults never outgrow enjoying a birthday party either! It is a single day focused solely on celebrating one person’s life. It’s important to make it fun and special. With summer in full swing, the focus will be on warm weather parties.

Place-based Parties

If an area is known for access to rivers, a rafting party might be fun.  Aquatic parties of every type are popular. Nothing goes better with a water-centered party than a great barbecue or luau. It’s fun for kids to warm up after a day of getting wet.

Games and Safety

Parties usually involve games. When it comes to games, safety is always paramount. In the vigorous play involving children and younger adults, it’s too easy for injuries to occur. Softball is a fun group game. The softball makes the game safer for every party-goer.

You won’t shoot your eye out!

Safe shooting games for boys are always a fun addition to any young man’s party. There are foam rubber-tipped toy weapons that can be used with safe targets. Water weaponry is great fun during the hot summer months. Cops and robbers played with water guns will cool off all the guests. Marshmallow shooters are a great way to involve shooting games that are completely safe and tasty.

Virtual Virtuosity

Shooting games for boys have entered the digital age in a big way. There are entirely electronic shooting galleries that may be rented or purchased. Some of these games are inflatable. Others just require a home gaming system linked up to a screen big enough for partiers to see. The great thing about digital and similar games is that they involve the adults at the party. No longer will the grown-ups have to sit back and wait for the dreadfully dull pin-the-tail-on- the-donkey to be over. Adults can play too!

Many parties can be put together with materials found at home or at local stores. It’s also a good idea to take advantage of nearby venues like parks, ponds and beaches. Beyond that, all that’s needed to create the best birthday party ever is imagination.


What do you remember about your birthday parties as a child?



**This is a guest post brought to you by Rebecca W.


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