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How do you feel about children and gaming?

I took my children to the doctor for well-checks the other day and when the doctor asked my oldest son what he likes to do he said, “I like to play video games.” I honestly thought the doctor would look down on me for letting my son play video games and I was a bit concerned about what he was going to say next, but he surprised me. Our pediatrician looked at my son and then asked him what games he likes to play. They had a whole conversation about how video games can help with hand/eye coordination and how doctors can now be hundreds of miles away and perform surgeries on patients using a robot and something like a video game. He looked at my son and stated that if he loved video games that much and was really good at them then he might love being a surgeon. I think I smiled ear to ear.

I found this interesting. Not only does my doctor understand, but so do others!

-Posted in USA Today, “Parents, don’t put away those video games just yet–today’s gamer may be tomorrow’s top surgeon.

-Shadot posted a report about a study sponsored by the MacArthur Foundation which found that online gaming and social networking are beneficial to children, teaching them the basic technology skills and how to communicate in the Informative age.

-A growing body of university research suggests that gaming improves creativity, decision-making and perception.-You can read the article where this was posted HERE.

I could go on, but I don’t want to take over this post with what I have already stated.

AmazingWorld.com offers a FREE place for your children to go to play games! It’s super easy to register too. Simply visit the site, AmazingWorld.com and sign up fora trial account. It’s a FREE account that never expires, allowing you to play for free forever! You just need to download Amazing World from the site above, and then sign up for the trial account. It’s super simple!

A Little More About Amazing World:

Amazing World is a new virtual world from the Ganz Studio (you know, those cute little stuffed animals your children have begged you for?) This colorful 3D world allows players to discover, create and make new friends in a controlled environment. It’s like something you’ve never seen before!

Amazing World incorporates play patterns that kids love! Your child can care for their very own Zings, chat with their friends in a controlled environment, complete missions, collect prizes and customize virtual homes and avatars (Zings).

Speaking of Zings, they are energetic and lovable Amazing World characters. Zings can be named, customized and used for great fun by your child! (Parents, you might even have fun with this too!)

But wait, there’s more!

You can register an Amazing ?World plush toy or figure (Zing). This is fun because you can bring your child’s beloved stuffed pal to life within the game. With a TOY you will get the virtual representation of the figure or plush within Amazing World–plus an exclusive item!

And if you would like to unlock the full world you can do that by purchasing a subscription.

Be sure to keep up with Amazing World by following them on Facebook and Twitter.


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