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Bathrooms Must Be BORING! - Raising My 5 Sons

Bathrooms Must Be BORING!

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While my children were off enjoying all of their new toys and gadgets they had received on Christmas morning, my husband and I sat on our sofa soaking it all in. Our children were all enjoying the company of one another and it really did touch our hearts. Even though they may bicker from time to time, they love one another and it’s always nice to just sit back and witness the love they have for each other.

After sitting for a while taking it all in, my husband decided to dig into a book I had purchased for him, and I had to see what all of my friends and family were up to over the holidays, so I took to Facebook for a bit. As I was scrolling down my Facebook wall I noticed a young friend of mine had posted a photo of her bathroom toilet. This intrigued me, so I scrolled back up to see what she had written about the photo. You see, she had just purchased a new trash can, basket to hold her toilet paper and some other accessories, all of which were on the floor beside and around the toilet. Being that I am mother to 5 BOYS, my first thought was…Oh boy would she regret that if she were to invite my boys over for a play date! Now, if you don’t have boys, you may have no clue what the heck I am talking about, but if you have boys I am certain you are nodding your head and agreeing that this is probably not the best place to put ANYTHING.


You see, when you have boys the best tip I can give you is to keep the bathroom as completely bare as possible. Minimal is best when it comes to boys and bathrooms. You really don’t want to give them much to look at. Oh, and make sure the ceiling is boring too! Don’t be going and putting some fancy schmancy ceiling in because they are going to want to LOOK AT IT! You get my drift? A boy looking at a ceiling or around the room while going pee is definitely NOT A GOOD THING! And please, just take my word for it…don’t find out for yourself. I have had much experience. If you have a trash can or any other item beside the toilet, don’t automatically assume that they know these are not to be used for target practice. You MUST tell them that they are off limits.

I’m still trying to figure out who thought it would be fun to pee in the toilet brush holder!

If you ever visit and wonder why there is nothing in my bathroom…now you know.

Can you relate? What is the worst thing your child (boy or girl) has done while unattended in the bathroom?

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  1. This is why when we redo our bathrooms I want tile on the floor and all the way around the bathroom walls to the tank of the toilet….I have water boiler heat so we have registers right by the toilet….you can only imagine what it smells like with little men in the house.

  2. Between my husband and son, I always kept a throw rug in front of the toilet. Quick easy clean up, just throw it in the wash. I also tried the trick of putting up mirror up so that when my son used the restroom, he could check his hair (he always checked his hair to cover his scar that he got at about age 9). The only problem, I had to keep moving the mirror up because he grew so fast. So now I have multiple holes…

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