Busy Bee Basics Child Apron Review & Giveaway!!!(WINNER: Mama Karebare!)

We do a lot of crafts in our family. It is actually one of my favorite things to do with the boys. They will stay busy for hours doing a good craft. The only downfall to our love of crafts is the mess! You know what I’m talking about if you have ever sat a small child at a table with a bunch of paints or glue. I do however think that the fun is so well worth the mess later. Recently I came across a website that has the cutest little aprons. When I showed them to my 4 year old he got ALL excited! For those of you that remember we did a craft not long ago and he got paint ALL over his clothing, and I couldn’t get it out! I was a bit frustrated by this and have since been trying to find him a fun cover up. We chose the Blue Hippos on Green apron. It is so cute! I actually thought it was even cuter in person! One thing that I really love about this apron is that it can be washed! My 4 year old put the apron on immediately. He actually wore it most of the day and as you can see … [Read more...]

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