Getting Creative w/ 3D Magic Pen #ad

We received the 3D Magic Pen™ for review purposes. All opinions expressed are our own. I don't always start a blog post off by saying this, but I'm about to tell you about our favorite new toy! We received  a 3D Magic Pen™. When we first started playing around with it we didn't really realize how awesome it was. It wasn't until we had a little practice that we fell in love with this new toy! And when I say WE, I mean every single member of my family! We have all been playing with it for the past month! Check out this fun video we made with our 3D Magic Pen™ About the 3D Magic Pen™ The 3D Magic Pen™ comes with three color filaments. Packs of fifteen color filaments or individual color rolls are available for purchase separately. With so many filament color options, building and creating possibilities are endless – doodles and dinosaurs, towers, dragons and trolls – there is no limit to what can be built. The 3D Magic Pen™ is currently available for purchase with … [Read more...]

Fun Protective Gear #iWipeOut #ad #WipeOutArt

This post is part of a sponsored campaign for Wipeout Dry Erase Productive Gear. I received compensation for my participation, but my review and opinions are my own. My boys love to be outdoors! The weather in Ohio has been so weird lately that they are getting confused as to what season it is (typical Ohio weather!) We will have 60 degree weather one day, raining the next 3 days and then snowing for another couple of days. It's been crazy and so we haven't had a chance to really spend as much time outdoors as we hoped. Today was a beautiful day! It's days like this that I'm so glad we homeschool because we were able to work around the nice day and enjoy some time outdoors. After we did our lessons we decided to do a little arts and crafts, only this time we chose to decorate something a little different---Wipeout Dry Erase Protective Gear! What is Wipeout Dry Erase Protective Gear? Wipeout Dry Erase Protective Gear lets kids customize their helmets and pads with their own … [Read more...]

Somebody Got Glasses!!! #ad #glassesusa

This post is sponsored by GlassesUSA. All opinions expressed are our own. I have had glasses since I was in the 6th grade, however I only need them to see distance, so I don't wear them all of the time. My husband also has glasses. He has had his glasses since he was in the 7th grade, and his prescription is a little stronger than mine, so he wears his glasses more often. Our oldest son got his first pair of glasses when he was in the first grade. He has the worst prescription of all of us and has to wear his glasses or contacts at all times. Recently our 11 year old son had to get his first pair of glasses. His prescription isn't horrible, but he needs the glasses for seeing distance. We do not have vision insurance, so purchasing the glasses in the doctor's office was sort of out of the question. What we like to do is look for glasses online in the comfort of our home and take our time picking them out. This way we don't feel rushed and we have time to look at every pair and … [Read more...]

Overcoming My Health Issues

I received this product for free from Moms Meet (, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agree to use this product and post my honest opinion on my blog. The opinions posted are my own. You may remember the short break I took a couple of years ago due to my stomach problems? Maybe you don't remember, or you are just tuning in, and that's fine because I'm going to fill you in. So, I was having a lot of stomach issues and pain between my shoulder blades and under my rib cage. I had been to the doctor for it on several occasions. He was determined I had GERD and would send me on my way with a different prescription each time. The pain was getting worse, the prescriptions weren't touching it and I was getting frustrated, so I visited a new doctor. This new doctor ran tests and determined that I needed to have my gall bladder removed. I was thrilled to finally have answers. The only problem? It was a short fix. I felt … [Read more...]

America’s Greatest School Nurse Contest #sponsored

“This post has been sponsored by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. All thoughts and reviews are my own.” When we moved to a new town several years ago we enrolled our children into a small private school for a couple of years and then started homeschooling shortly thereafter. When our children were in the public school there were a few people that really stood out and made a difference to them (and me) and one of them was the school nurse. I think our children will always remember their sweet school nurse, June. She was always so kind to the children and really went above and beyond her job duties. Does your school nurse go above and beyond in educating and comforting the students? If so, this contest is for you! We want to hear all about your school nurse and how they have gone above expectations. Nominations will be accepted nationwide from anyone who would like to honor their exemplary school nurse. One nurse from each state, plus Washington D.C., will win a prize valued at $500 … [Read more...]

Show That You Care With Kohl’s Cares Gifts

We received Kohl's Cares products to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are our own. We believe that Kohl's has always been a great place to shop for gifts for friends and family members, however I'm super impressed with the Kohl's Cares. It's not just the prices though, the products are great quality and I love that we are giving back each time we purchase an item from the Kohl's Cares collection. Kohl's Cares offers a large assortment of incredible items for the entire family. The prices really can't be beat at just $5 and $8 each! But wait, it gets better...100 percent of the net profit helps support children's initiatives nationwide. The collections change often. We received a few items from the Christmas line right at Christmas time which included... Christmas Movie Trivia --$5.00 Color and Create Your Own Cards--- $5.00 3 Pack Travel Edition of Adult Coloring Books--- $8.00 Crayola Winter Adventure Creativity Kit--- $8.00 Night Before Christmas Book & … [Read more...]

Gift Idea- Future Architect’s Tool Kit

We received The Future Architect's Tool Kit for review purposes. All opinions expressed are our own. Our 11 year old son loves to draw, and he aspires to be a great architect one day. We were thrilled when we were contacted to review The Future Architect's Tool Kit! I knew this was right up his alley and that he would be so thrilled to have it--and I was right! Watching him rip the package open and take off into the sunroom to start drawing sure did put a smile on my face! He's been drawing ever since! I don't think a day has gone by that he hasn't created some sort of artwork or floor plan. If you know a child that likes to draw, we highly recommend The Future Architect's Tool Kit as a gift! About The Future Architect’s Tool Kit Children with dreams of designing buildings will discover how architects actually work in this workbook, which builds on the concepts introduced in The Future Architect’s Handbook. It walks readers through the drawings created by Aaron, a young … [Read more...]

Win a Juniper Kids’ Mattress From Brentwood Home

We received a Juniper Kids Mattress to facilitate the review portion of this post. All opinions expressed are our own. As most of you already know, our family made a big move recently. It has been about a month, to be exact, however I still feel like we are very much living out of boxes. It's so hard when you have a large family and you have to pack up years of belongings. We did it though and we are finally settling. One thing that I did notice in the move is that my boys mattresses were not in as great of shape as I had thought they were. How had I not noticed this sooner? I told my husband that the first thing we were going to do was replace our 13 year old son's mattress. It was way beyond its time and in dire need of replacement. Children deserve to sleep comfortably and it's important for their growth and health. We were thrilled to receive a Juniper Kids' Mattress from Brentwood Home! About the Juniper Kids' Mattress: This mattress is really amazing! It comes rolled up … [Read more...]