Gift Idea for the Gamer in the Family

We received a Turtle Beach Head Set for this review. We only give honest reviews. I'm raising a house full of boys. You'll find that in a group of boys there is typically at least one (usually more than one) that is into video games. We are no exception. Our oldest son has always had a great love for electronics. He found them interesting at a very young age and has grown to enjoy games and devices over the years. When our second son came along we started to get into a little "fighting" over the games. Both children wanted to choose the game or hog the game. I won't sugar coat it for you. That's real life. Everyone has learned to compromise and they still to this day enjoy video games. Every year for Christmas my boys have different gaming products (they won't allow me to call them toys anymore) on their wish lists. I'm no newbie gamer mom, so I'm getting pretty used to the lingo and know just where to go to look for the newest tech gear they are asking for. Turtle Beach makes a … [Read more...]

Bundle of Joy Holiday Giveaway #2016HGG

The RubyRoo Baby Bundle of Joy Holiday Giveaway is part of our 2016 Holiday Guide. If you have a little one in your life or a baby shower coming up, these would make great gifts! RubyRoo Baby offers high-quality baby products on Amazon and Founded in 2015 by a husband and wife team, RubyRoo Baby creates smart solutions for savvy parents. They take tremendous pride in selling a beautiful array of teething necklaces and sibling shirts. RubyRoo Baby recently expanded beyond their best-selling line of silicone teething necklaces to offer All About Me: A Little Book of Love and Adventure, and heirloom quality baby journal covering birth through age 5. A company with a conscience, RubyRoo Baby donates 1% of profits to charity. Each year we support a charity dedicated to improving the lives of parents and babies: in 2016, they will donate 1% of profits to the March of Dimes, which funds lifesaving research and programs and works to end premature birth, birth defects, and … [Read more...]

Gift Idea- Future Architect’s Tool Kit

We received The Future Architect's Tool Kit for review purposes. All opinions expressed are our own. Our 11 year old son loves to draw, and he aspires to be a great architect one day. We were thrilled when we were contacted to review The Future Architect's Tool Kit! I knew this was right up his alley and that he would be so thrilled to have it--and I was right! Watching him rip the package open and take off into the sunroom to start drawing sure did put a smile on my face! He's been drawing ever since! I don't think a day has gone by that he hasn't created some sort of artwork or floor plan. If you know a child that likes to draw, we highly recommend The Future Architect's Tool Kit as a gift! About The Future Architect’s Tool Kit Children with dreams of designing buildings will discover how architects actually work in this workbook, which builds on the concepts introduced in The Future Architect’s Handbook. It walks readers through the drawings created by Aaron, a young … [Read more...]

Believing in Santa #TheSantaProject

This post is sponsored by Macy's, however all opinions expressed are our own. Christmas is a magical time. It's a time for celebrating the birth of Jesus, a time for sharing and caring and spending time with family. It's a time for giving and a time for receiving. Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I love to spend hours in the kitchen baking delicious treats for our Christmas gatherings while my boys happily mix the ingredients together in bowls, singing Christmas tunes while making a mess all over the kitchen. It's this time of the year that the mess doesn't bother me. It is this time of the year that we are making such fond memories and having so much fun in the kitchen. Christmas is a time to celebrate and rejoice. With that being said, part of the magic of Christmas is Santa. The thought of a jolly old man bringing gifts to all in one night is so magical and exciting! Santa makes people happy. Believing in Santa is more than something fun to do, there's something … [Read more...]

Win a Juniper Kids’ Mattress From Brentwood Home

We received a Juniper Kids Mattress to facilitate the review portion of this post. All opinions expressed are our own. As most of you already know, our family made a big move recently. It has been about a month, to be exact, however I still feel like we are very much living out of boxes. It's so hard when you have a large family and you have to pack up years of belongings. We did it though and we are finally settling. One thing that I did notice in the move is that my boys mattresses were not in as great of shape as I had thought they were. How had I not noticed this sooner? I told my husband that the first thing we were going to do was replace our 13 year old son's mattress. It was way beyond its time and in dire need of replacement. Children deserve to sleep comfortably and it's important for their growth and health. We were thrilled to receive a Juniper Kids' Mattress from Brentwood Home! About the Juniper Kids' Mattress: This mattress is really amazing! It comes rolled up … [Read more...]

Winter Is Coming Giveaway Hop #WinterIsComing

Winter will be here before we know it! We have another giveaway hop for you all and I'm super excited about the prizes everyone is giving away! Hop around and check them out for yourself! Our prize will keep you WARM this winter!!!  I’m excited to welcome you to this year’s WINTER IS COMING Giveaway Hop! It is hosted by The Kids Did It and The Mommy Island and will run from December 7th at 12:00 pm ET thru December 21st at 11:59 pm ET! The prize that we will be giving away is a FREE Blanket Scarf from The Paisley Hanger Boutique!  This is a great gift for someone special on your Christmas list, or you can keep it for yourself! You won’t be disappointed! We love all of the products at The Paisley Hanger Boutique and think you will too! Now through the duration of our Giveaway The Paisley Hanger Boutique is giving our readers 15% off +FREE Shipping! Enter code: RAISING15 at checkout. GIVEAWAY ENTER BELOW … [Read more...]

WIN a Prize Pack from EZ-Cup #2016HGG

What does every coffee lover want for Christmas? A product that will make coffee drinker life easier! We have just the product and it's within budget! Seriously, check it out and then scroll all the way down to enter to WIN the prize pack!!! Do you have a Keurig, want one, or plan on giving one as a gift? The EZ-Cup refillable k-cup is a must have accessory for your Keurig. Think about how much money you spend on those little K-Cups? With the EZ-Cup, you just refill it with you favorite coffee. You are getting your perfect cup of coffee and you are helping the environment because you are not throwing away all those K-Cups! With an EZ-Cup, you fill it with your favorite coffee, place it in the brewer, and you have your single cup of coffee. They offer a choice of single-use capsules for all popular brewers that use K-Cup® or K-Carafe© capsules. Some come with permanent metal filters built in, and others use biodegradable paper filters and leave you nothing to clean. Their … [Read more...]

Enter to WIN a Set of Travel Trays #2016HGG

We have finally found a product that will literally save your car from looking like a tornado has come through it! Not only keeps the kids busy and organized! It sounds like a WIN/WIN to me! If you have ever traveled with kids, you know it can be difficult. Taking a road trip is hard because they want to eat, draw, color, etc. And it's almost impossible to do these things while the child is in their car seat. It's hard to make a table top that will stay in place to make it work. The Snack & Play Travel Tray 2.0 was invented to make situations like these so much easier.It is sturdy enough to set on your child’s lap, has a belt to secure it in place, and has side packets to keep all their stuff in one spot. It's a car organizer that makes traveling with kids so much better! The original inspiration for the Snack & Play® Travel Tray came from Daniel, then two and a half. She couldn’t find what she considered a safe “tray” for him to use while he was in his car seat … [Read more...]