Silly Boys

We had a doctor's appointment today. It was basically just a well check for our little guy that is going to start preschool this year. The preschool requires that they get a physical before they can attend school. It was no big deal since he is healthy and we are having no problems. The doc said he is at the top of the charts for his height and his weight, which really doesn't surprise us since he has always been off the charts or at the very top of the charts. He was our biggest baby when he was born weighing in at 9 pounds 15 ounces! We played outside for a bit earlier today before it started to rain and storm. It was such a hot day! We really need the rain too. Our 6 year old insisting I don't take any more photos and I just let them play! The kids were all full of energy today. I must say, my hubby was as well! They were playing quite loudly all night long. It is always so cute to watch the little ones try to imitate the older ones. Our two oldest boys grabbed dish … [Read more...]

Sunny Day Makeover

Don't forget about our FREE Nursing Cover Giveaway!!! We made the bacon brownies! I know a lot of you thought we were pretty crazy yesterday when I said that we love bacon brownies, but it's true, we do! I took a pic of the brownies we made today and posted in under Another Monday if you would like to see it. I know some of you had asked me to post a pic. However, it's a little hard to tell that there is actually bacon in the brownies. Trust me, there is! :) Yesterday when I went to the grocery store I took some photos in the car on the way home. (Don't worry, I wasn't driving, my hubby was. And no, I didn't take them ALL to the grocery store, I dropped them off at his parents house and picked them up when I was done.) Anyways, wow I get off track easily...I took some photos and wanted to share a few with you. Remember though that the car was moving 55mph and I had to shoot fast. The sun was just beautiful though! What do you all think of the new look? I had my … [Read more...]

Another Monday…

Don't forget to check out my FREE Nursing Cover Giveaway!!!! Today was a pretty lazy day for us. Not a lot going on here. We did finally get a little rain, which wasn't enough to do much, but was so needed. Let's just hope we get a little more soon. I don't normally wish for rain, but our grass is really starting to turn brown and everything is getting so dry. I did my grocery shopping today. You wouldn't believe how much 4 little boys can eat in one week! My children are still young too. I'm sure that when they are all teenagers I'm going to have to get a couple of jobs just to pay for food. ha ha! As I have said in the past I love going to Kroger because I seem to get so much for my money. My mother in law went with me tonight and she pushed a cart for me. I filled 2 full carts! Crazy how much you can fit in an SUV as well. The boys made a special request before I left for the store. They wanted me to get the stuff to make bacon brownies. Now I know this sounds really odd … [Read more...]

Summer Fun and a Wedding!

Be sure to check out My FREE Giveaway!!!!! What a beautiful weekend! Saturday I took photos at a wedding. It was a lovely outdoor wedding. Everything turned out really nice and I think I got a lot of great shots! Daddy spent the day with the boys while I was at the wedding taking photos. It saddens me a little to know that the boys were really excited about it being just the guys most of the day. I think they need that every now and then though, and I'm happy that they have so much fun with Daddy. I get to spend time with them every day while my hubby is at work, so it's only fair that Daddy has some alone time with his boys every now and then too. Of course, I'm sure they are breaking every rule in the book when Mommy is out! :) We went to my Mom's house today. The boys always get so excited about going to visit! They just love playing on the farm (as they call it.) They chased the chickens and got to see the new baby kittens. They were so small and so cute! I'm glad … [Read more...]


Be sure to check out my FREE Giveaway!!!! Yesterday my cousin and her 2 boys ages (almost) 7 and 2 came over for a visit. We had a nice visit and all of the kids had a ton of fun playing! The neighbor kids were over yesterday as well, so there were a total of 10 kids here, and only ONE of them was a girl! The kids all had so much fun, but were really tired by nights end. I believe they hit their pillows around 10pm. This morning everyone was up and out of bed by 8am. Which, isn't a bad time considering they usually like to wake me before 7am. However, since they were all up a little later last night I was hoping they would have slept in a little longer. So here is how our day went today.... Wake at 8am. Everyone RUN down the steps, because no one can ever walk quietly down the steps, and they have a TON of energy first thing in the morning. I wish I had half of their energy!!! I fed the boys breakfast and then started giving them baths. After all 4 boys had been bathed and … [Read more...]

FREE Nursing Cover Giveaway!!!! (CLOSED~Winner:Emily B!)

FREE Nursing Cover Giveaway!!! I am Super excited about my first FREE giveaway! I am even more excited that it is a nursing cover that I am giving away for FREE!!! I nursed my first 3 children without a nursing cover. I always had them covered with a blanket and they would get SO hot! When I had my 4th child I got a nursing cover and was so excited! Anytime we had company over or were out in public I was able to easily nurse my son without him getting extremely hot or upset. So I was super excited when I came across an etsy shop selling the cutest nursing covers! Not only does she sell nursing covers, but she also sells the cutest dresses, aprons and ruffle capris. Be sure to check them all out! A little about SHANNYgirl… Shannygirl is a proud Mommy to 3 cute kids! For years she had been sewing for her own pleasure until one day she decided to branch out. (We are so glad you did Shannygirl!) Shannygirl says that she loves to see others use her creations that she has made. There is … [Read more...]


It's so very quiet. I'm almost not sure what to do with myself. I sit here trying to think of all of the things that we have done today that I could possibly be writing about, but all I can really think about is the peace and quiet at my house right now. For those of you living with boys you know what I'm talking about. Boys are generally loud and full of so much energy. We finished supper tonight and while I was cleaning everything up the boys asked if we could go to town to buy them this neat little toy that they have just been dying to have. I told them that if they do all of their chores and are good the rest of the week I would take them on Friday when we make our regular trip to town to pick up things at the store. Of course, they know just how to push Daddy's buttons though. They gave him their cute little pouty lip and mushy I love yous and they were out the door on their way to Wal-Mart! Daddy is such a sucker! I think since he isn't home with them all day long he has a harder … [Read more...]

Thanks Mail Lady!!!

My oldest came walking into the house with the mail today and he had his hands so full he couldn't open the door! The kids were excited to see what had arrived in the mail, but disappointed that it wasn't toys or anything really fun. However, I was pretty pleased! I am always happy to receive FREE products! I had taken the advice of some of my Mom Blogger friends and have gone to a few different sites and signed up for free samples. Today I received a free sample of Bodycology Hand and Body lotion from Wal-Mart. It was the cherry blossom scent. It was just a small sample, but enough for me to know that I LOVE this product!!! It smells so fresh and my legs are so smooth now! I am definitely going to look into purchasing some of this lotion the next time I am in need for some new lotion. We also received a FREE gift from Juicy Juice. I went online and joined the Growing Up Healthy community. They sent me a FREE gift just for signing up! It is a lime green Juicy Juice Refillable Bottle! … [Read more...]