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Raising 5 Sons

Who We Are

Parents are one of the essential personalities in a child’s life. Parents are always there to nurture the child into a responsible and honest adult from the child’s conception. A father and a mother play the most significant role in a child’s life, as they’re accountable for his/her mental, physical, social, and emotional development. Parents likewise provide for a child’s material needs, such as good education, nice clothing, and comfortable shelter. Besides the material needs, parents inculcate good moral values, attributes, and quality character into the child, making them one of the most precious gifts a child can possess.

Raising Your Boys

Boys tend to be more active than their female counterparts, exhibiting the typical masculine characteristics and requiring extra care for their effective nurturing into responsible men. Raising your boys, spending quality, building self-esteem, and frequent periods with them encourages them to shun the stereotypical superiority feelings over their female counterparts. Likewise, allow and encourage them to show their emotions without fear of being regarded as weak or “soft like a girl.” Above all, only apply friendly correctional measures while preventing extremities. Stay engaged with your boys without neglecting the girls as well, if available.

Our Mission & Vision

With an undying mission and vision to serve as your number one guide, coach, and go-to for your parenting journey, this blog will feature daily articles on various aspects of child-raising written by successful parents of large families. The founder and other parents will be available thrice a week for significant interactions and engagements as they’ll be happy to share their experiences. We hope to serve you in every way possible and help you realize the fun in parenting.