Back to School Backpack Check w/ ChapStick #ad

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“The ChapStick® product, information and gift have been provided by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare.”

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This year has been a really busy one for us. Typically I spend more time discussing our homeschooling and day to day life with you all, however this year we’ve been so busy that I’ve skipped over much of it. I wanted to take a bit to let you all know a little about what we have going on. We are still homeschooling, however we have joined some very nice homeschool groups and are very active in sports and other clubs. Our children have a lot of friends and I believe they are more social and busy now that we are homeschooling than they were when we were at their old school.


But, with that being said, we still like to do some of the traditional things…like shop for backpacks and back to school supplies. I’m a little old school and I like to keep things tidy and in order. I purchase the backpacks so that we can easily pack supplies and take them with us when we want to do our schooling on the go. (Sometimes it’s unavoidable, especially now that we have our house on the market and showings lined up). Even when my kids were in the public school and private schools I was always big on making sure their backpack had the much needed staples in it. One of those things (that many of us probably don’t think about) is ChapStick®! I mean, it’s a skincare staple that helps keeps your lips smooth and silky, but it also fits in the backpack perfectly!

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Why do I pack ChapStick® in my children’s backpacks?

When kids are outdoors (especially in the colder months) running around their lips can over get very chapped and they can become quite sore. A lot of people don’t consider ChapStick® a product for boys, however I think boys especially need it because they are so active (girls are as well) and they often don’t do things to protect their lips from wind and weather. We purchase the ChapStick® that goes on clear to help protect our little ones while they are out enjoying themselves. We also use it indoors (again, especially in winter months) as the temperatures are changing and often times the air is dryer and lips and skin can lose the extra moisture that it needs to stay soft and smooth.

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Our boys really enjoyed the ChapStick® flavors that we received (Classic Original, Classic Cherry, Moisturizer Original, Aloha Coconut). I’ve always loved the Classic Cherry, however the Aloha Coconut is now at the top of my favorites list!)

What is your favorite ChapStick®?

Visit the ChapStick® website to learn more.

Also, be sure to check them out on social media so you don’t miss any fun announcements!

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  1. Chapstick is always in our house and in my purse. Even down here in Georgia, winter can be dry and make our lips look like we smeared them with salt.

  2. I always have Chapstick on hand too, and actually have a little goodie kit for my girls to take to school with essentials like Chapstick, a mini tube of deodorant, pads. You know, all things girls need to stay confident throughout the day.

  3. My daughter always has Chapstick as well. Her poor face and lips get in really bad shape when the seasons change. She’s already been complaining about her lips peeling. Chapstick it is! We also use the medicated chapstick for her nose if she gets a cold and it gets irritated. It helps protect the skin and makes it heal, especially overnight.

  4. My husband swears by Chapstick in the fall and winter. He always has a tube handy!

  5. My daughter loves Chapstick. She would have drawers full if she could.

  6. ChapStick totally saves my lips throughout the dry fall and winter months. Their moisturizer varieties are my favorite.

  7. Catherine Sargent says:

    We go through a lot ChapStick in our house. I normally buy classic cherry, but I also like aloha coconut.

  8. I always have ChapStick in my purse. I love the variety in flavors so I’m always trying new ones.

  9. These are perfect for the kids to bring to school. It’s going to get cold soon and chapped lips are the worst.

  10. My husband is a chapstick fiend. I have to buy them in bulk and put them in a a bowl he keeps at his office. He sort of obsessed which this post reminds me it’s chapstick time. I will go buy some today. Thanks! 🙂

    • Hehe! My whole family loves it! The sad part is, I can never find mine because someone is always running off with it! Maybe I should lock some away in my office? haha!

  11. I always keep chapstick in my bag and my kids’ backpack. I’m sure they would love to try new flavors!

  12. Aw, I am loving that lunchbox! And we never leave the house without some chapstick. Especially now that cooler weather is here.

  13. The fall and winter can be tough on my skin and lips. Got to stock up before then. So many different varieties.

  14. This is great reminder to stock up with the colder months approaching us. My son loves to steal mine, but it looks like I need to get him his own!

  15. aziel morte says:

    Fall season was rough on our skin and we get a chapped lips, These are better to bring with my kids

  16. I love all those great flavors of chapstick! I need to stock up for Winter

  17. I have the world’s driest lips. I am constantly losing my chaptstick! I need a case full for the winter!

  18. We love chapstick! I buy them often, and should really keep a ton of them in the house. My 5 year old often steals mine as his is really awful when it comes to being chapped.

    • Surprisingly, my youngest boys are the worst about it too. I’m assuming it’s because they play outside the most and are out in the weather. They steal my chapstick too! haha!

  19. I love me some Chap Stick. In the winter months, I should buy stock in them. My lips get so dry, I have to keep Chap Stick on me at all times.

  20. I saw a cake batter chapstick I want to try. I like the peppermint at Christmas time too.

  21. I seriously love this brand. Their new scents are amazing!!

  22. Their new cake batter scent is heavenly! I rarely use any other brand.

  23. Mary Edwards says:

    I love chapstick. Definite must have for the purse and/or backpack. I had no idea there were so many flavors!

  24. I have always used Chapstick to care for my lips. I remember making my sons use Chapstick when the weather was too hot or too cold. They thought it was just a girl thing but when they noticed how good it took away the dryness, they were sold. My favorite was the classic cherry flavor. Peppermint is a close second. 🙂

  25. Christina Aliperti says:

    My son’s best friend is serious about his chapstick, he won’t leave home without it. They even made memes about him and his chapstick lol.

  26. Never heard of coconut chapstick.

  27. Terry Poage says:

    Chapstick makes great products. I also use chapstick around my nails when they get dried out.

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