I CAN Be Frugal and Awesome at the Same Time! #Groupon #ad

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This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

I wasn’t always so frugal. There was a time when I would spend money freely on whatever it is I had my eyes/heart set on. I didn’t worry at the time about what that purchase might do to set us back, I just wanted to be happy in the moment, and things made me happy—for a minute. It wasn’t until I had a couple of children and they were growing—eating more, growing out of their clothing, shoes and so forth—that I realized that I had to find a way to keep myself (and my family happy) without spending so much money. I guess that is about the time that I became what my friends and family like to call me….frugal.

At first, I was a little embarrassed to hear them call me frugal. I mean, all of these years I was the one freely spending and now they are saying I’m FRUGAL? It didn’t take long for me to adapt and now I actually take it as a compliment! I’m down for finding the best deals on things and my friends and family now contact ME (little frugal me) to find them the best deals too! Bam! It pays to be frugal!

One place that I have found to have some pretty awesome deals, especially when I’m trying to buy gifts (I like to give the best, most thought out gifts, but I don’t like for them to come with a super high price tag) for friends and family members, is Groupon. I’ve been able to find gifts for almost everyone on my list at Groupon—and for a fraction of the cost elsewhere!

finding frugal deals at groupon

I can get my sister a pair of double pearl earrings for her birthday, my oldest son a pair of headphones, a magnetic responsibility chart (because you know I have to keep everyone in line around here! haha!), a spa package for my mother or a great friend, and so much more! Seriously, I’m able to find just about anything I’m looking for at a discounted price at Groupon.com!

Hop on over to Groupon Goods and check it out for yourself!

Are you a little frugal like me?

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