DIY Easter Egg Bath Bomb

  We are excited to share today's little bit of Easter fun with you! Not only are these super useful and adorable, but they also make great gifts and are fun to make! Today Dawn at Blogging Mom of 4 has shared her DIY Easter Egg Bath Bomb Recipe with us! This Bath Bomb Recipe is fun to make and you'll have weeks worth of amazing baths! Fill with your favorite essential oils and melt your stress away! Head on over to Blogging Mom of 4 and find out how to make these yourself! Also, don't forget to check out all of the other 12 Days of Easter goodies below! … [Read more...]

St. Patty’s Rainbow Mobile Craft

I love when the holidays come and it gives us an excuse to get all creative and crafty. Now that we are homeschooling and all together all of the time, we are making so many crafts and really enjoying it! We love all of the colorful rainbow and green recipes and crafts that come around during St. Patrick's Day.  This Rainbow Mobile (or Windsock) craft from The Neighborhood Moms is a super easy (and cheap!) craft that you can do with the kids.  Hang it up inside or out and spread a bit of the St. Patty cheer!  Click here for the instructions! Be sure to also visit our other 12 Days of St. Patrick's Day posts below! … [Read more...]

St.Patrick’s Day Gold Craft

I think I have mentioned in the past how much I love the holidays and creating fun things in the kitchen and art room with my boys! Any excuse to take a break from our regular studies and do something fun, and we are all in! This time we are experimenting with GOLD! Not real gold, but we can pretend, right? Now, my boys are walking around the house playing "Find the Hidden Treasure". It's a game they made up themselves where one person hides the gold and gives subtle clues to the others and they have to go off on an adventure to find the gold. So Fun! SUPPLIES NEEDED:  River Rocks or Stones (can find at Dollar Tree)  Fine or Extra Fine Gold Glitter (can find at Hobby Lobby)  Mod Podge (matte finish)  Craft Foam Brush  Newspaper to cover work area (optional) DIRECTIONS: 1. You will want to cover your work surface with newspaper. This step is important so you have an easy cleanup. 2. Using your foam brush paint a thin layer of mod Podge onto a rock or … [Read more...]

Who Knew Pot Holders Could Be So Fun?

First, we want to thank Family Christian for supplying us with the materials needed to make this craft possible. All opinions expressed are our own. We've been looking for new crafts to make. It's super cold here in Ohio and we've pretty much used up all of our crafts, and my imagination is starting to fail me. My boys are so active and busy that when cooped up in house for too long, they start to get antsy and well...whiny. When the whining starts, so do the fights...sigh. In an effort to keep them busy I have been on a mission to find the perfect crafts. I wanted something we hadn't done before, that way they wouldn't know what to expect, and it might take a bit of time to complete. A challenge is always a good thing in a house full of boys. If I've learned anything while raising a house full of boys it's that boys like to be challenged and the love to compete. I was very surprised when told that Family Christian stores carry crafts! I sort of feel like I've been missing out of … [Read more...]

Fun Valentine’s Day Craft

My boys and I love doing crafts together. We were hoping to make a fun Valentine's Day craft that wouldn't take too much effort. This craft was so simple that even our 4 year old could do it! Items Needed: Paper Plates Scissors Stapler (or strong tape). You could also use a hole punch and put ribbon or string along the edges. Markers and other items to decorate The joy of this project is that you can decorate it however you like, with whatever items you like. We chose Valentine's Day doilies, markers and ribbon. Step 1 Grab 2 paper plates. Cut one in half and leave the other intact. Step 2 Flip one of your paper plate halves over and staple it to the front of the paper plate that was not cut. (See photo below). Be sure to staple around the edges well so that candy and treats do not fall through any small holes. Step 3 Decorate! This is the fun part because you can use your own creativity and decorate however you like. We stapled ribbon across the top of … [Read more...]

5 FREE Valentine’s Day Printables

Are you ready for Valentine's Day? My boys and I have been gearing up for this day. We've been busy in the kitchen coming up with delicious sweet treats and now my boys are preparing their Valentine's Day cards for their friends. We wanted something different this year and since my boys love their games so much we thought we would put together a fun gaming Valentine's Day card, but we didn't want to keep it all to ourselves...we are sharing the printable with YOU! (These are great when printed on cardstock). That's not all though, your children will have great fun coloring this super cute printable! If you are looking for fun activities for your child this Valentine's Day this activity is so cute and so much fun! My boys love matching activities! Decode the secret message below using the letter key at the bottom for a special surprise Valentine's Day message! And don't forget about our FUN Valentine's Day Word Search! Your child is bound to have loads of fun with this … [Read more...]

Enjoying our M is for Monster Crafts!

We received product to facilitate this review. We only give honest reviews. All opinions expressed are our own. I'm always looking for fun crafts and things to keep my boys busy. I hate sitting them in front of the television and electronics and want to keep their little minds busy. When I heard about M is for Monster I thought this might be exactly what we were looking for. What is M is for Monster? M is for Monster is an affordable and educationally based monthly activity kit for preschoolers and toddlers. Every month a new delivery arrives straight to your door. There are 4 weekly themes and 2-3 projects per week allowing for great fun the whole month long! Not only will your kids love this, but they will be learning while having fun and you will be saving time and money by having them shipped directly to your door on a monthly basis! It's really a win/win! Each kit has 12 activities that are designed to teach kids things like numbers and letters, and did I mention they … [Read more...]

Things To Do When Snowed In With Kids

We have not been able to leave our home for 3 days. We just got word that school is going to be closed another day, so we have been trying our hardest to stay entertained. Since we have been busy, we thought we would share the fun things we have been doing with all of you (in case you ever get snowed in). 1.) Make Snow Ice Cream! You can read our snow ice cream recipe---however if you want chocolate, follow that recipe and add some hot cocoa mix---delicious! 2.) Play board games! We have a closet full of board games (things like Hi-Ho Cherry-O, Monopoly, Twister, Candy Land and more!) We keep the games up so the kids don't lose the pieces and get them out for family time. It's great, and everyone has a lot of fun! 3.) Find an object (like a canned good or something) and play Hide-n-Go seek with it. You start by hiding the object and whoever finds it gets to hide it next. Our boys will spend a good hour playing this game! 4.) Make an indoor fort with chairs and blankets. This is … [Read more...]