Creativity For Kids Craft Review & Giveaway(WINNER:Joshlin)

We were lucky enough to review a craft kit from Creativity for Kids. The boys were so excited when the kit arrived because they LOVE to do crafts! Honestly, they may be messy and a lot of clean up but they are so fun for the kids, and they keep them busy for such a long time! I would much rather have my boys sitting at the craft table drawing or doing a fun craft that sitting in front of the tv or video games. This is a really great company because when they ask which craft kit we would like to review and give away we told them the Monster bank kit (which the boys picked out.) After looking at my site and seeing that I have 4 boys they asked if we would like 2 of the kits because they each come with 2 banks and this way each of my boys would get a bank to decorate! That was so nice of them and we really did appreciate it! The kids had so much fun decorating their banks! The banks were actually nicer than I had thought they would be because they were smooth and with a shiny … [Read more...]

Flo Review and Giveaway(WINNER:Raquel)

I was excited to try out this next product. We received the Flo Water Deflector and Protective Faucet Cover with Bubble Bath Dispenser in the mail a little over a week ago. When I initially got it I honestly didn't care if it did anything other than cover the faucet and protect my little guys from hitting their heads on the hard metal faucet that we have. This really is a great product for protecting those little ones that like to move around in the tub and may slip and fall. I was even more impressed with the bubble feature. We don't use bubbles in the tub all of the time, but the boys do love it when we put bubbles in the tub. There is a little spot on the top that you simply open, pour bubbles in, and then close. The Flo does the rest and before you know it the bubbles are flowing out of the Flo right into the water. It's great! The boys love that they can just lay their little heads back and wash the soap out of their hair themselves because the water flows very nicely out of … [Read more...]

Smart Mom Jewelry Review & Giveaway!

Smart Mom Jewelry was inspired by babies who like to tug on Mom's jewelry. Sylish and beautiful, Teething Bling was designed for little ones to handle and chew. Made from the same material as many teething toys, Teething Bling looks great on Moms, Grandmas and Aunts, but is safe for curious babies. Pretty and practical! Teething Bling is made from fine quality materials. As with any adult jewelry, unsupervised handling by children is not recommended. Teething Bling products are made from phthalate and lead free, non-toxic, dishwasher-safe and federally approved. We received the Smart Mom Teething Bling gift set in the mail the other day. I must say the shipping was SO fast! The Teething Bling Gifts sets are packaged in a pretty purple box with a gift card inside! This is such a great gift! I would have loved to receive this as a gift when I was pregnant! However, we can still use the gift, and I actually have to beg my little guy to give me the bracelet so I can wear it! He is in love … [Read more...]

GoodNites Product Review

I was sent a free pair of GoodNites boxers for little boys a couple of weeks ago. I was excited when they arrived, however since my youngest is not yet potty training I decided to give them to my sister to try. But, since I wanted to do a review on them I had her try them while she was at my house. We put them on her little boy and he hated them!!! I hate to do a bad review, but feel that I really must be honest when I am reviewing products. These are the things that I disliked about them...*They are made of a very papery feeling material. I honestly don't know how they could be comfortable for a little one. They really do not look like real boxers when they are on, so if you are thinking your little one won't be made fun of if staying at a friends wearing these to bed at night I honestly think it will be noticeable. *They are basically just a pull up with the papery type covering over them. We actually tried to take the boxer part off of the pull up part because we really didn't want … [Read more...]

Computer Chair Review and FREE $20 Credit for 1 Lucky reader!(WINNER: Elizabeth!)

I entered an online contest over at The Book Chook and was so excited last week when I received an email explaining to me that I was the Winner of a gift certificate to CSN Office Furniture!!! I was able to purchase a FREE computer chair! We received the computer chair yesterday. I was SO excited when we got home and the Big package was on our doorstep! The shipping was extremely fast! It only took a couple of days to get here. I would normally wait a couple of more days before I do a review on a product, but I have been sitting in this computer chair so much that I think I can give you an honest opinion on it. I love it! My old chair was falling apart! The kids had pushed it to close to the desk and the leather was all tore up and the inside foam stuff was coming out on the arms as well as the seat. It was just not a pretty sight! One of the things I'm most excited about with the new chair is the arms are hard plastic! Yay, less chance my boys are going to put a whole in them or do … [Read more...]

See Kai Run Review and FREE giveaway!!! (CLOSED-Winner:Vicki)

I have a really hard time finding cute shoes that actually fit my little guy. He is 15 months old and always seems to be falling down. I was really excited when I was told that I could review shoes by See Kai Run ! We even got to pick the pair of shoes that we wanted to review. How cool is that!? When the shoes arrived I will admit that I was pleasantly surprised. They are made of the softest leather possible! They must be very comfortable because my little guy does NOT want to take these shoes off! It is so funny because the minute he wakes in the morning he has to find his new shoes, bring them to me and I have to put them on him. If I don’t put them on him immediately he cries! I’m not joking! At night if I’m ready to go to bed and he is not yet asleep I am not allowed to take his shoes off. The other night I tried to take his shoes off when he was dosing on the couch a little and he started crying! I had to put him to bed in his new shoes! I honestly wasn’t sure what I was … [Read more...]

FREE Nursing Cover Giveaway!!!! (CLOSED~Winner:Emily B!)

FREE Nursing Cover Giveaway!!! I am Super excited about my first FREE giveaway! I am even more excited that it is a nursing cover that I am giving away for FREE!!! I nursed my first 3 children without a nursing cover. I always had them covered with a blanket and they would get SO hot! When I had my 4th child I got a nursing cover and was so excited! Anytime we had company over or were out in public I was able to easily nurse my son without him getting extremely hot or upset. So I was super excited when I came across an etsy shop selling the cutest nursing covers! Not only does she sell nursing covers, but she also sells the cutest dresses, aprons and ruffle capris. Be sure to check them all out! A little about SHANNYgirl… Shannygirl is a proud Mommy to 3 cute kids! For years she had been sewing for her own pleasure until one day she decided to branch out. (We are so glad you did Shannygirl!) Shannygirl says that she loves to see others use her creations that she has made. There is … [Read more...]