Enter to WIN Necklace From 7 Charming Sisters #2016HGG

I've always loved this time of the year. I love to give gifts and really put a lot of thought into each gift I give. I am pretty excited about the giveaway below---it's a great gift that I'd be happy to give or receive! I think you're going to love it! Have a fashionista in your life? Now is the time to get some beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry for the holidays. 7 Charming sisters has great options for the women on your gift giving list, at awesome prices! Read Sherry's review of her jewelry from 7 Charming Sisters. Hint: she loves it! Giveaway Enter to win the Life is Grand necklace from 7 Charming Sisters. Giveaway open Worldwide, 18+. All entries will be verified and winner will be notified within 48 hours. Winner will have 24 hours to claim prize. Strands of 10k gold plating with glitzy crystals accenting this delicate layered gold crystal necklace. a Rafflecopter giveaway About 7 Charming Sisters Charming Sisters is a one-of-a-kind online jewelry boutique … [Read more...]

Nine Great Gifts For Expecting Mothers

Your options may appear limited when choosing an appropriate gift for an expectant mother. Having had 5 children of my own, I have found that it is nice when someone thinks not only of baby, but of Mom as well. Obviously, you cannot opt for the normally well-received bottle of wine. While gifts for the baby are certainly appreciated, you also want to choose a gift specifically for Mom since this is a special, yet often vulnerable time in her life. If you are stumped, the following nine gifts are sure to please an expectant mother. This is a guest post brought to you by expert Kathy Longwell (photography is ours). Maternity compression clothing: For all its beauty and wonder, let’s be straightforward about pregnancy. It can be downright uncomfortable. Most women begin feeling their clothing get snug very shortly after they learn of the new inhabitant in their bellies. Maternity compression clothes, such as maternity leggings, are excellent for improving circulation, which relieves … [Read more...]

Long Distance Trips With Kids (Guest Post)

Long Distance Trips with Kids Hello Raising My 5 Sons Readers, my name is Kelly and I run a camping blog with my husband Ryan called www.BeyondTheTent.com. We feature our family travels and write about tips, camping gear reviews and we love to throw up a video of our crazy 5 kids every now and then. Thanks for letting us visit with you all today. I have a camping blog, but that doesn’t mean I have traveling with kids down just yet. It is like an art making sure everyone is happy or at least not crying all at once. I have learned some handy tricks to make life a little bit easier while on the road with mini people. For the Babies I like to leave our home early enough in the morning, so that the baby of the family is in the best mood. I will pack a bottle, a few hands on toys and a couple of pouches of baby food for him in case he gets crabby. We will plan one stop to let me change any diapers and to be able to hold him for a little bit, so he knows I haven’t forgotten … [Read more...]

10 Things I Learned From My Step-Son (Guest Post)

The 10 Things I Learned From My Step-Son When I first met Jim (my now husband), I knew he was a devoted father. Who else pulls pictures of their 3 ½ year old son out while sitting at a bar? We spent the next several hours talking about Nicholas and I was hooked. A few days later when he wanted me to meet him; I spent all afternoon worrying about making the right impression. Yes, I was worried about impressing a 3 ½ year old but I knew that he was a very important part of the package. A few short months later, I became a wife and mother all on the same day. I still remember Nicholas saying “EWWW” when the preacher said, “You may kiss the bride.” In 2 weeks, we will be celebrating 11 years since we all came into each other’s lives and were forever changed. He has taught me many things but these are the Top 10 Things I Learned from My Step-Son.   Boys start burping and farting for fun at a very young age and it doesn’t get any better the older they … [Read more...]

Children at Church

Are you for Children at Church? Remember my post not long ago about Church Shopping and how I thought it was scary and my fear of leaving my children at church with strangers that I have never met? I recently came across a post on another site, I am Totally *That* Mom...Go ahead and check out her site, I'll wait! Anyway, I read a post on her site titled, Dear Parents with Young Children in Church, and it really hit home. What the author was saying was exactly what I needed to hear in that moment. You see, our church closed at the end of last year and my anxiety has kept me from finding the perfect church for my family. I'm nervous and scared, and my fear of leaving my children with complete strangers while I sit for worship scares me. I want my children to learn to sit with me, I want church to be a family event, but I have yet to find a church that will accept my children at church. Now, I want you to read the post that has touched me. My hope is that this may help someone … [Read more...]

5 Unique Gift Ideas for Baby Showers

Having a baby is such a special time for the mom-to-be. A baby shower is a time to rejoice and celebrate the upcoming birth of the newest bundle of joy. Choosing a gift for the new mom can sometimes be a really challenging decision to make. Everyone wants their gift to be as unique and special as it can be. Here are 5 unique gift ideas for baby showers. Personalized iPhone Case A gift that will stand out from the rest at the baby shower is a personalized iphone 5 case for the mom to be. You could choose a beautiful picture that suits the beautiful woman that she is and get it printed onto the clear case. Or make your own by sticking things onto the case and holding them there with resin. Whatever way you choose to personalize the iPhone case for your friend or family member, it’s bound to make a splash! Handmade Woven Rug Nothing says I love you like a beautiful handmade woven rug for baby. Hand crafted blankets such as these are the sort of thing that the baby will use for many … [Read more...]

Top 5 Causes for Dry Eyes for Kids

Dry eye symptoms are often overlooked in children, but if discovered early, these symptoms can be treated. Take note of when your child complains about itchy eyes. If persistent itching occurs, take it seriously and seek professional medical advice. Your child’s doctor will ask whether your child sleeps with their eyes open or has any other medical condition. Dry eye symptoms in children can come in the form of light sensitivity, eye redness, burning of the eye or blurred vision. These terms may not be easily understood by children, so try using some different phrases such as, “Does it feel like something is biting your eye?” Allergic Conjunctivitis Symptoms include light sensitivity, dry itchy eyes and a runny nose. Usually both eyes are affected and this is not contagious and not to be confused with viral conjunctivitis. Seasonal Causes Some children suffer from itchy eyes during the Spring; some children have dry eye symptoms whilst on vacation and others will develop dry eye … [Read more...]

5 Helpful Hints To Help Women Select The Right Dress to Flatter Their Figures#promdress

First off, LightInTheBox.com says you’ve got to “Size Up the Situation” and figure out what parts of your body you like to accentuate (remember mom always said “accentuate the positive”), and be honest about what areas you may wish to remain anonymous to the general public (not for public viewing).   Once you’ve identified the above, here are some helpful hints:   Hint 1: Dark Colors & Prints - Remember that darker colors recede, making your silhouette appear smaller, and loud prints attract attention and can sometimes make you look bigger – you need to decide what effect makes you feel more confident – and then work it girlfriend! Hint 2: Cup Runneth Over? - Cleavage can be sexy, if it’s kept in control and supported properly (Snooky, are you listening? Get those girls under control!). The right neckline (halter, V-Neck, strapless) and cut of the dress can enhance this area while still maintaining a look of class and sophistication. Hint 3: Never Been Busted? – Don’t sweat … [Read more...]