Taco Lasagna…

I love trying new things and the boys love helping come up with new meals.  Here is a recipe that we came up with the other day. A family member told us she made something similar and we decided to make our own version of Taco Lasagna or Taco Casserole. (It would have been much […]

Slow Down????

I think I will be happy when winter hits. Don’t get me wrong, I love summer, but with summer comes a lot of running around. I am happy to get out of the house and have something to do, but then there comes a time when I am ready to sit back, kick my feet […]

Chocolate Chip Cookies….Oh My!

Totally against my diet, but the boys wanted chocolate chip cookies for their religion class teachers, so we looked online for a recipe, and made these. They were SO yummy and so worth the extra exercise I had to do to work them off…ha! Chocolate Chip Cookies Ingredients: 1 cup butter, softened 1 cup white […]

Who’s Hungry?

I am stuck.  I have lost 18 pounds to date and now I am stuck. Hopefully I can get some of my energy back and I can start to kick butt with my workout like I was when I first started dieting. There is only so much I can do with my diet since I […]

Acting Like the Kids and it was FUN!

How was your New Years?  We rang in the new year with my sister and her family. The kids were super excited because rather than drive out on the roads when we knew there were going to be a lot of drunk drivers out, we planned ahead and had a slumber party!  My 2 nephews […]