The Smoky Mountain Opry is Fabulous! (Review)

We were given free admission to the Smoky Mountain Opry in hopes that we would post a review on our site. We only give honest reviews and all opinions expressed are our own. We try to visit the Pigeon Forge Tennessee area as often as we can. Truth be told, we would be there every week (or permanently) if we could! This was the first year we have ever been to the Smoky Mountain Opry. In all of our years visiting (15 years), I can not believe this was the first time we ever attended this show. We arrived and were greeted by some of the friendliest staff ever! Seriously, when they say southern hospitality, they mean it! We were shown to our seats and sat for a couple of minutes before the show started. Once the show started we were entertained the ENTIRE time! Let me tell you a little about The Smoky Mountain Opry, for those not familiar with it. The Smoky Mountain Opry is an awesome variety show! The show consists of some of the best singers, dancers, comedians, magicians, … [Read more...]

We Went to the Dixie Stampede in Pigeon Forge TN

We received discounted tickets to the Dixie Stampede to facilitate this review. We only give honest reviews. All opinions expressed are our own. This wasn't our first time visiting the Dixie Stampede. We've actually been there a few times and our boys even chased the chickens once! If you've been to the show, you'll know what I mean! For those that have never been to or heard of the Dixie Stampede... The Dixie Stampede is a dinner show in Pigeon Forge Tennessee. Now, when I say entertainment, I certainly mean it! The Dixie Stampede is not like any show we have ever seen before! The performers are professional and some of the stunts they perform are even dangerous---like riding 2 horses at once...while standing! There are people flying in the air (it's quite beautiful), professional horseback riders performing stunts you won't see anywhere else, and the food....oh the FOOD! The food is amazing! I've heard people talk about the food in the south and how much they love it, but we … [Read more...]

Comedy Barn Show in Pigeon Forge Review

The Comedy Barn show in Pigeon Forge, TN is Hilarious! Let me start by saying that our family spent a whole week in the Smoky Mountains and that still was not enough time! We can't wait to go back! The Comedy Barn was kind enough to invite us to review their attraction and boy are we glad they did! We have been to The Comedy Barn once before, but it just never gets old! We even bought the DVD so our boys could continue to watch the hilarious show over and over at home---and they have been! What is The Comedy Barn Show in Pigeon Forge? The Comedy Barn Theater was voted as the most award winning family comedy variety show in the Smoky Mountains! You will seriously laugh your socks off the ENTIRE show! The show features music (which is great I might add!), magic, amazing animals doing tricks---even BIRDS, comedy (of course) and more! Guests are asked to come onstage and be a part of the show. Our 6 year old was actually a part of the show. He had so much fun on stage and his … [Read more...]

Shows to See in Pigeon Forge, TN #Blackwoodsshow

Are you looking for shows to see in Pigeon Forge, TN? We took a week long vacation to the Smoky Mountains. It should come to no surprise to anyone that has been reading our blog long, or anyone that knows us well (or even just a little bit). The truth is, we absolutely LOVE the state of TN and would relocate here in a heartbeat if the opportunity ever came available! Enough about me...we have been coming here for years and this was our very first time visiting the Blackwoods Morning Variety Show. We received complimentary tickets for our review, but I must say...the show was totally worth any amount of money we would have paid to see it! The Blackwoods Morning Variety Show runs every Tuesday through Sunday at The Smoky Mountain Opry Theater. Shows start at 10am, and I must say this is the best way to get your day stated while visiting the Pigeon Forge area! This world famous family has won 8 Grammy Awards, 27 Dove Awards and 5 All American Music Awards! Now THAT'S … [Read more...]

Our Article Was Featured!

We love loading up in our Suburban and taking road trips as a family! It's actually something that excites us very much! Many of our friends and family have asked how we can take such pleasure in the actual car ride when we have 5 boys. They wanted to know if we had tips to share as to how we keep the sanity while in the vehicle. We wrote an article for of tips to make the car ride enjoyable and it was featured on an Ohio auto dealership's website. Yeah, I'm just a little excited!!! You can see the article here: Do you have any tips to add? … [Read more...]

Let’s Pretend It’s Summer -Castaway Bay Water Park Giveaway

We were invited to an event at Castaway Bay water park. They asked that we come with our swim suits and be prepared to have some fun, and they weren't lying! We had so much fun at Castaway Bay that our boys (and my husband and I) can't wait to go back! But first, I must tell you that we were invited to come stay at Castaway Bay overnight at no cost, however we were not compensated for our opinions and all opinions expressed are our own. From the moment we walked in we knew we were in for a real treat! The lobby itself is so warm and inviting and the workers are so friendly and helpful. One of my boys wanted to know if we could just move into the room we stayed in! When I say that the team at the Castaway Bay water park went above and beyond to make this a great trip for our whole family, I am definitely not exaggerating! When we got to our room we were surprised with a FUN gift basket (bucket) full of toys and other fun things for the kids to enjoy! (The whistles may or may not … [Read more...]

Free Fun Things To Do With Boys!

Looking for fun things to do with boys that don't cost any money? Look no further! Let's face it, when the kids get bored they start to fight and act up. One way to keep that from happening is to keep them busy! Below are a few fun activities that cost NOTHING, but will keep boredom at bay! 1.) Find a hill and roll! Sounds silly, but our boys love this! If it's winter you can sled down the hill! Many local parks in our area have a big hill---take a trip around town looking for one. 2.) Sidewalk chalk! While this seems simple, it really is great fun for little ones. We like to play hopscotch and other fun games with our chalk. You can even throw in a chalk challenge where they have to draw certain things or you can play "Guess what I am drawing". Have fun with it! 3.) Play in the creek! If you don't have a creek you can find a pond or another small beach or stream of water. My boys love finding frogs and worms and other small insects and animals (you know, all the ones that mom … [Read more...]

How We Keep Our Kids Busy on Road Trips

*Note: We received free products to facilitate this review. We only give honest reviews. My husband travels a lot for work. When I asked him if he gets bored on the plane he said he finds things to pass his time so it seems to go a little faster. I kept this in mind when we were planning our summer vacation. I was worried about keeping the kids happy during the long road trip. Five boys cramped into a vehicle for a long period of time really didn't seem like a vacation to me. One of my biggest pieces of advice I can give when planning a long trip with kids is to find things to keep them occupied...just like my husband does when he's going on a trip. This year we brought games from Oriental Trading Company with us. Not only are they super cheap, but you can purchase them in packs of many, so you are getting even more for your money. Our boys really enjoyed the games. Each of them had their own little bag to keep their set of games in. We wrote their names on the outsides of the bags … [Read more...]