This Weight Loss Thing Just Got Real!

Disclosure: I receive free product in order to evaluate and comment on my experiences using Medifast products. Medifast products and the Medifast program are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness. Growing up I never really had to worry about my weight. I was always pretty thin (although I didn't always see myself that way) and I could eat whatever I wanted. It wasn't until I started to have children that I started to struggle with weight issues. You could say that I've fluctuated a ton over the years. One minute I feel really good in my skin and am saying that I'll NEVER let myself get to the point of being overweight again and then the next thing I know I'm crying over a pint of ice cream wondering how I let myself get to this point again. I've figured out my problem. What is it, you ask? My problem is that I use food (and drinks) to comfort me, and I LOVE sweets. I have a real addiction going on here and I didn't see it until just recently. My … [Read more...]

Don’t Watch The Scale Rise

I want to be held accountable for my actions. I mean, I expect my children to be held accountable for their actions, why shouldn't I have to follow the same rules? I've continued to say over and over that I would become healthier and I would lose weight, but then I would fail. Why did I keep failing? It wasn't until recently I realized that I HAD to do this. I HAVE to make changes in my life and it was after a doctor looked me in the eye and very sternly (yet lovingly, because I know she cared and meant well), told me that if I didn't make these changes  I was only going to start feeling worse and worse. She was right, and that is why I have started a challenge. It's one I found online. It has nothing to do with diet pills, shakes, meal replacements or anything. Nope, it's a whole lot of eating and a little bit of exercising. If you've been following me long, you might remember the weight loss challenge (<-----click link to read about it) I did a few years ago. I lost 35lbs on … [Read more...]

Nutrisystem #FuelaBetterYou Sweepstakes!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of SocialSpark for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. Nutrisystem Fuel A Better You Sweepstakes Fuel A Better You Sweepstakes is brought to you by Nutrisystem®. I have been remunerated to promote the sweepstakes.” One of the most important things that we can do not only for ourselves, but for our family as well, is to take care of ourselves. Some of the ways we can do this are by eating healthy, exercising and making sure we get enough rest. Nutrisystem®, Inc. is a company dedicated to helping America take back their lives and start living happier and healthier. They have been helping Americans lose weight for over 40 years and have remained at the forefront of the weight loss industry. One thing that makes Nutrisystem® a great program for those interested in transforming their lives is the live counseling by phone or online. This is a great way for people to deal with their weight issues privately, and when convenient for … [Read more...]

Weight Loss—It’s Time to Come Clean…

I feel I owe it to my readers to come clean about my The Food Lovers Fat Loss System. I embarked on a personal journey to lose weight and gain back my self esteem. My journey began last year in June (June 18, 2012 to be exact). I would love to say that it was easy, I did everything right just like I was supposed to and the weight just fell off, but then I would not only be lying to you, but I would also be lying to myself. So, today I'm going to explain exactly how my journey went and where I am on that journey today. My journey was to be a 6 month weight loss regimen. That was what I had signed up and committed to, and I was determined to still be standing tall (and lean) at the end of the journey. It was a tough six months, but with determination and the mindset to make this work (and there was a $10,000 prize on the line---now, THAT's motivation) I stuck it out, I lost a LOT of weight, 31 pounds to be exact, and I started to feel really good about myself. Now, if you know me well, … [Read more...]

Shaklee 180 and YOU!

As most of you already know, I was taking part in the Shaklee Cinch weight loss program over the last 6 months (from June-December) and I have lost quite a bit of weight, 30 pounds and 31 inches to be exact, please take a minute to read about my before and after weight loss. I have some big announcements to make about Shaklee and their weight loss program. Not only have they changed the name of the program, it is no longer Shaklee Cinch, but is now called Shaklee 180. Doesn't it have a nice ring to it? I think so! More info about Shaklee 180... Shaklee 180 is a weight loss program with clinically-tested products* that take you beyond Before & After to your happily ever After-After. This could quite possibly be the last weight-loss program you'll ever need (I mean that!) The first 90 days is devoted to losing the weight and the next 90 days are to learn how to keep it off. The shakes are delicious and now have a new yummy name, Shaklee Smoothees (I'm hungry just thinking about … [Read more...]

I Lost It—Waiting for Winners!

As I sit here I am on pins and needles waiting to find out who the 3 bloggers are that were chosen as the winners of the Shaklee Blogger weight loss competition. There were 50 bloggers chosen to take part in this journey to lose weight and find our confidence again. We laughed together, cried together and became great friends. I'm a little sad to see the program at an end, but I am happy to announce that there is going to be another blogger program, and they are going to choose 90 bloggers this time around! If you are interested in the new program you need to sign up for the Shaklee newsletter so that you may be among the first to know about the program, and you can apply! While we wait to find out who is going to be chosen for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes, I would like to share with you my submission for the Shaklee Blog Spokesperson. [youtube] Even if I am not chosen as one of the winners, I have already won. I have lost 30 pounds … [Read more...]

Workout Monitor “Must Have”

For those of you that have been following along with my weight loss, you know that I have had my struggles, my ups and my downs, but I have been pushing forward and continuing to reach my goal. Has it been easy? Heck no! But, that's no reason to give up. I knew that with dedication and hard work I could achieve what I had set out to do, and THAT was my plan. I won't lie, I felt like giving up on several occasions, and there were times when I hid in the other room and enjoyed something sinful, something that was not on my diet menu. It was then that I realized that the reason the diet was so hard for me, it was because I wasn't allowing myself treats every now and then. Once I started allowing myself small treats (rewards for my hard work), I started seeing HUGE results! When dieting and exercising it is important that you keep track of things like your heart rate. Heart rate monitors make it easy to monitor your heart rate and then you will know just how well your workout is going. I … [Read more...]

Weight Loss in Photos—6 Months Worth! #Cinchspiration

I know I have been talking about my weight quite a bit for the past 6 months, but it's honestly been something I have been struggling with for quite some time now. Ever since I have had children I have felt uncomfortable in my own skin. I have never felt beautiful or complete, and that is why I signed up to take part in the Shaklee Cinch challenge. I won't lie when I say that I was shocked to have been chosen as one of the 50 bloggers to take part in this challenge. It's really been a lot more than a challenge though (although it hasn't been easy and I have definitely had my challenges), but this opportunity has been a real blessing for myself and my family. I find myself feeling less stressed and having a lot more energy. I am doing more with my boys and am feeling happier and healthier. My life has truly changed...for the good. Please take a moment to watch the very short video of photos from day one up through month 6. I'm not finished! Be sure to stop back so you can follow me … [Read more...]