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Shopping for prescription eyeglasses can be rather stressful. Let’s face it, spending hours in the eye doctor for an exam and then trying on a slew of eyeglasses doesn’t really thrill many people. Not to mention the high price that your frames and lens will cost you. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of eyeglasses when you can get them for less, and without sacrificing quality?

By purchasing eyeglasses online you can save yourself time, money and added stress. Not only that, but you can also take all the time you need to decide which style of glasses work best for you. There’s no need to rush into making a decision immediately and there isn’t someone standing beside you waiting for you to decide on a pair.

We prefer to get our eyeglasses from a company that we have grown to love and trust. That company is

About is an online optical retailer dedicated to making the savviest shoppers look amazing. The spend their days curating affordable, trendy, top-quality eyewear for you and your family. And, as firm believers in living life to the fullest, they’re here to help you take a step—or a running leap—outside of your personal norm.

By providing competitive prices, gives you the ability to purchase multiple pairs of stylish eyewear to show off whoever you are, or however you’re feeling, on any given day. You can go from one pair of glasses to multi-spectacled without breaking the bank. is  an upfront, no gimmicks, what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of company that lets you leave your stifled spectacle zone and take on any persona you see fit. And, if your new specs get broken or you wander a bit too far from your style comfort zone—return them. It’s on us.

Life’s short—mix it up.

We love everything about! From their motto to the who cares, if it doesn’t work out, just return philosophy! They take the stress, guesswork and uncertainty out of the whole glasses shopping routine! We highly recommend that you check out the next time you are in the need for prescription eye-wear!

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  1. I always shop for my prescription glasses online! I have not yet heard of Discount Glasses! I will have to check them out! It is amazing what we can save on our prescription eyewear by shopping online!

  2. I need to look into this for my husband. He has been wearing glasses practically his whole life and needs a good pair!

  3. I am currently in the market for a new pair of frames that won’t break the bank. I need to check out Discount Glasses!!

  4. Michelle Cantu says:

    I need to order new frames for 3 of my family members. We always stick to the same styles, but for the price I should switch things up for us all.

  5. Glasses can be so super expensive, I am so glad that there is something like this out there that is affordable.

  6. Those are really lovely glasses! I now know where to get glasses if I ever need one! I really like the fact that they’re affordable too.

  7. Looks like some great glasses. I love that the prices are decent too. I wear glasses, so this is a must for me!

  8. My son is going to the eye doctor on Saturday because he broke his glasses recently. I will need to get him a backup pair in case something happens to his glasses again. He recently broke his and thankfully, I was able to piece them together so that he can at least wear them when he is driving.

    • I’ve been in the same boat! When our oldest got glasses he was only in the 1st grade. We went through a lot of pairs of glasses and that is why I started shopping for discount glasses. He doesn’t break them anymore, but it’s still nice to have a back up pair!

  9. Whoa. $9.95 frames? Those are super cute and trendy too. I wouldn’t expect such great value for that price. I need new glasses so I’ll be checking these out.

  10. Maryann D. says:

    My whole family needs glasses so we are always looking to save money but have high quality glasses also. We have shopped on line but will check out Discount Glasses too.

  11. Sandy Klocinski says:

    I buy my prescription glasses on line. I have been wearing glasses my entire adult life. I really like this as an affordable online option

  12. This is the first year that we’ve purchased our daughter extra glasses and saved money by purchasing online! The savings was immense! I’ve not heard of discount glasses but will check them out next year when we have eye appointments.

  13. Buddy Garrett says:

    I have an appointment on the 12th to see the eye doctor. Having shopped for glasses for my sister and daughter I am not too thrilled. Seeing advertised prices and then getting the real price after visiting the doctor is frustrating. My sister had to pay over $800 for her glasses at W M. Discount Glasses sound great. I am glad to see that quality is mentioned as well as great service.

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