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This post is part of a sponsored campaign for Wipeout Dry Erase Productive Gear. I received compensation for my participation, but my review and opinions are my own.

My boys love to be outdoors! The weather in Ohio has been so weird lately that they are getting confused as to what season it is (typical Ohio weather!) We will have 60 degree weather one day, raining the next 3 days and then snowing for another couple of days. It’s been crazy and so we haven’t had a chance to really spend as much time outdoors as we hoped.


Today was a beautiful day! It’s days like this that I’m so glad we homeschool because we were able to work around the nice day and enjoy some time outdoors. After we did our lessons we decided to do a little arts and crafts, only this time we chose to decorate something a little different—Wipeout Dry Erase Protective Gear!


What is Wipeout Dry Erase Protective Gear?

Wipeout Dry Erase Protective Gear lets kids customize their helmets and pads with their own designs—I’m all about letting them use their imagination! There are markers and stencils included that your child can use if they’d like. If they’d like to change up the look of the protective ear, no problem! Simply wipe the designs off and create new ones again and again. This is so much more fun and original than a plain helmet!


(Please note that my son is not wearing the wrist gear properly in this photo. He was in a hurry to put them on and didn’t put them on properly).

Wipeout makes safety FUN! As a matter of fact, my 6 year old has yet to take the helmet off! He’s been wearing it for HOURS and even wore it while we ate supper! He’s so cute, I couldn’t help buy give into him and allow him to show off his new creation at the supper table. I chuckled when he crawled out of the doggy door today (that’s new too, so they are still training the dog and like to crawl out with her—silly kids!), he slipped , stuck his head back through the door and said, “Shew, I’m glad I had my new helmet on to protect me!”


(Please note that when putting the wrist protectors on our son put them on the wrong way in this photo).

You can visit: for video tutorials and design printouts for your children to follow.

The Wipeout Dry Erase Helmet package includes the Dry Erase helmet, 5 Dry Erase markers in assorted neon colors and 8 stencil designs for $29.99. The sturdy and stylish helmet is made of ABS hard-shell construction with an EPS liner for durability. It is certified for safety protection for roller sports, including biking, skateboarding, roller-skating and scooters, for kids ages 3 to 14. Colors include Black, Teal, Neon Pink and Zest, among others.


Wipeout Dry Erase Protective 3-Pack includes kneepads, wrist guards, elbow pads, and 2 markers for $24.99. Pads come in Black, Teal, Neon Pink and Zest.

Wipeout Dry Erase protective gear is available at Toys R Us, Target, Academy, Scheel’s, Amazon and other leading retailers. For more information visit:

Wipeout Website | Facebook Page | Instagram Page | YouTube Channel

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  1. That gear is really nice. Now the kiddos can be safe and stylish at the same time.

  2. This is super cool! My son would wear his gear more often if he was able to create cool art on them.

  3. I love this! I think it’s so much easier to get kids on board with wearing protective gear if you can make it look cool. And spiders are cool!

  4. Pam Wattenbarger says:

    This is so cool. I love that it makes being safe while riding your bike or skateboarding into something fun and stylish.

  5. That’s awesome. I love that the kids can customize it to make it their own.

  6. How cool is that! My kids would really love this, especially my daughter.

  7. So cool! My kids are also all over the place outdoors! From skateboards to ripsticks and rollerblades- I need to look into these!

  8. These are awesome. My friend would love this.

  9. This is such a great idea. This would make kids excited to put on their protective gear.

  10. How fun is this!? I love how you can get creative with your gear and make new designs any time you want. Cool!

  11. Pretty soon, my grandson would be needing these protective gear. Oh my goodness. He’s a handful! I love that you can add your own designs to it too.

  12. How cool! My boys could use all of this. They are so active and are always getting banged up. This protective gear would be fabulous to have!

  13. Now that’s a good idea! Don’t know why I never thought of that!

  14. My boy would LOVE to do this to his gear. It sounds like we’ve found our activity over spring break.

  15. This looks pretty cool. I always loved to decorate my gear when I was kid. This would be great for kids today to have some fun decorating their own gear. I am a little jealous.

  16. How cool! I love any product that will encourage my kids to stay safe. My daughter broke her elbow roller skating and it was so long before she could be herself again.

  17. That’s such a great idea for making protective gear fun! Our kids would love to do this!

  18. Oh wow this is fun! I think this is cool to draw on your own gear!

  19. I love it! You have the gear to keep them safe while biking or skateboarding and you have the colorful pens to let them decorate their gear! It’s really fun and I’m sure the kids will enjoy having these.

  20. I love this! I think it’s so much easier to get kids on board with wearing protective gear if you can make it look cool. Don’t know why I never thought of that!

  21. Lisa Brown says:

    That is a great idea, definitely a motivator to get kids to wear protective gear.

  22. Donna Evans says:

    My grandson needs these.

  23. Tamra Phelps says:

    My nephews would love these. The idea of drawing on their own designs is great.

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