Free Fun Things To Do With Boys!

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Looking for fun things to do with boys that don’t cost any money? Look no further!

Let’s face it, when the kids get bored they start to fight and act up. One way to keep that from happening is to keep them busy!

Below are a few fun activities that cost NOTHING, but will keep boredom at bay!

fun with boys

1.) Find a hill and roll! Sounds silly, but our boys love this! If it’s winter you can sled down the hill! Many local parks in our area have a big hill—take a trip around town looking for one.

2.) Sidewalk chalk! While this seems simple, it really is great fun for little ones. We like to play hopscotch and other fun games with our chalk. You can even throw in a chalk challenge where they have to draw certain things or you can play “Guess what I am drawing”. Have fun with it!

3.) Play in the creek! If you don’t have a creek you can find a pond or another small beach or stream of water. My boys love finding frogs and worms and other small insects and animals (you know, all the ones that mom things are eewy and slimy!)

4.) Play in the dirt! Many parents don’t like when their kids come in covered in dirt from head to toe, however as a Mom of boys I have become quite accustomed to this. I actually look at how dirty they are and can tell how much fun they have had! (It’s true!) Last year we had a nice dirt mound in our back yard and our boys would play in it just about every time they went outdoors.

5.) Go to the park! You might even find that you can have fun at the park too! I enjoy swinging, going down the slide and running around with my boys. Be a kid at heart and play at the park!

6.) Go for a walk! We like to find new walk paths in the surrounding towns to take our little adventures. Sometimes I even make a scavenger hunt list for my boys so they can find certain items while we are walking—it makes it all the more fun!

These are just a few of the things you can do for free with your children. We hope you enjoy them!

Do you have a list of fun things to do with boys? Let’s hear your ideas (in the comments below).

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