Guess I didn’t need that!

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My title is the story of my life! When you live in a house full of boys everything is disposable! When shopping for anything you have to keep in mind that one of the kids may break it! I don’t know what it is about angels, but anytime I get an angel one of the kids breaks it! It used to always be the right wing of the angel, but today the baby broke the bottom of, what I think is my very last angel. I have had this one for several years, and I was really beginning to grow accustomed to it.

Today I rewarded the boys for their cleaning efforts the last couple of days. They are always so excited to get their rewards! I love treating them too when they help out around the house! So we loaded up and went to Wal-Mart. It sort of slipped my mind that there was a festival going on in town, and boy was it crowded! I was a little half tempted to turn around and take the boys another day, but they were so excited and had worked so hard for it. We pulled into the completely packed parking lot and I unloaded ALL 4 boys and took them in. They were so good in the store and I was so proud of them! We have one turning 6 on Wed. and he said he wanted a bike for his birthday, so we looked at bikes, got a new battery for my camera (yay!) and a few other things and then headed to the front of the store for their treat! They wanted pokemon cards (they don’t watch the show, but trade the cards with their friends.) When we got up there they saw Webkinz cards and decided to get a few of those instead. They had to get a little piece of candy as well. 🙂
You know, it’s pretty hard to maneuver a shopping cart through a crowded store with 3 kids in/on it! The oldest walks along side. You should see me turning corners!

We met Mammaw in town and when we pulled into the parking lot to meet her my car was acting a little funny. There was a mechanic right across the street, so we drove over there. They said they would look at it right away, considering I had 4 kids in the vehicle and couldn’t fit them all in my mom’s car. So, they pull the vehicle and and before we could even get back to the front door of the building they came pulling back out. The guy yells “It’s fixed!” I’m like, what!? He says, yep you were driving in 4 wheel drive! Luckily I did not have a big mechanic bill, but can you imagine the embarassment! I’m going to blame this on the boys and say that the other day when they were hopping around in my vehicle they probably bumped it! :)Ok, you can all laugh at me now. I admit, I deserve it!

We have a pretty busy weekend ahead of us. There is going to be more to come on my life and raising my 4 sons soon! 🙂

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