Hold Up…That’s Not Working. Change of Plans…

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That’s exactly what I was saying a couple of weeks ago as we were going along our homeschool journey. While my older boys were doing completely fine (they are doing their schooling online through Sycamore Academy), I was questioned whether I had chosen the right curriculum for my 1st grader. Also, I had yet to start my preschooler on anything because I had spent so much time stressing about other stuff going on in my life and just trying to get into a good routine was becoming hard.

coop school

Don’t worry, I believe I have it all figured out now. I had thought I should do one curriculum in the beginning, but went with something totally different. Now, I am sure I should have chosen the other curriculum, and even though I’ll be out money from the first curriculum purchase, I have decided that it is better to switch now than to wait…or keep wondering. So, this week we will be ordering a new curriculum for our 1st grader and if all goes well we should be starting it very soon. (I’m excited!)

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The best part about all of this is that I am learning. I am learning that no one curriculum is perfect and that every child learns differently (and all 5 of mine definitely do!) I am also learning that it doesn’t matter if we miss something one day and make it up another, we need to do things the way that works for us and our family. We are really loving all of the time we get to spend together as a family now and are looking forward to many more years of homeschooling.

Do you homeschool? If so, please leave a tip for someone that my be just starting in the comments below. Maybe just something simple or something long winded, we don’t mind!

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More to Come on Raising My 5 Sons…

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  1. I thought about homeschooling several times, but realized I would not have the patience to do that task. I have utmost respect for anyone that does. I think figuring out how each child learns best is trial and error for anyone.. glad you have found the program you think will work but it stinks you had to be out money for one that didn’t ..

    • I never thought I would have the patience to homeschool…especially with 5 BOYS! It has actually worked out quite nicely for our family though. While we are still trying to get an exact schedule down, we are all adjusting very well and enjoying the freedom that comes along with homeschooling. Now when I look back I feel like I should have started years ago. It’s really not as scary as I thought it was! 😉

  2. I’m so glad you’re enjoying home schooling! I’ve regretted a lot of things in my life, but I’ve never regretted the decision to home school. The quantity of time (which leads to more quality time) you can spend with your children can never be replaced. To have the opportunity to impact and shape a life that will outlive yours is the best use of one’s time that I can possibly imagine! It’s wonderful that you’ve found your “rhythm” for daily life. Always keep the goal in mind, and everything else will fall into place. 🙂

  3. Shaunte Oakley says:

    You know I went through this with my 1st grader this year. I didn’t purchase a curriculum for History and Science thinking I could pull things from the net, but when it came down to it….I couldn’t do it. What I had found was to over his head. We now do a fun Exploring Earth curriculum which cost us I believe $15. He likes it and so do it, and thats all that matters. 🙂

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