How I Shop and Get Cash Back + Save Money!

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I’m a girly girl and I love to shop. I could spend all day going from shop to shop in the mall, however now that I have 5 boys, I don’t exactly have the time. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy browsing sales at the mall every now and then, but I can honestly say it’s probably been a good year since I’ve done that.

Why so long?

The truth is I like convenience and I like to save money. I thought I’d share a few tips with you on how I’m saving money and time. Now that I’m a Mom I don’t just grab things and throw them in my cart. I’ve also learned that I’m a compulsive shopper. I’m not alone though because studies show that most of us are.

To keep from impulse buying I like to shop online. Not only can I see the price immediately, but I can search for coupon codes and free shipping deals as well. My favorite place to go for deals is ebates. Are you a member? It’s super easy to sign up, doesn’t cost anything and you get cash back and discounts! I was introduced to ebates last year before Christmas by a friend of mine. Now I’m wishing I had known about them sooner! I’ve saved so much money already and am loving those cash back deposits!

Really, saving money doesn’t have to be hard.

Before you make a purchase asses the situation. Find out if you already have something in your home that can work. With 5 boys we are often able to hand things down, but I sometimes forget I have things stored away. I’m getting much better now about checking before repurchasing. I like to do a storage check about twice a year.

Also, take a little time to price compare before buying. Most of the time I know where I can get my best deals, but this is mainly because I have been shopping for similar items for so long. I am surprised from time to time though when I find the products elsewhere for even less. It never hurts to shop around.

Don’t forget to go to ebates so you can get your cash back. It’s sometimes easier if you set ebates as your homepage that way you are always there and you don’t forget. I had to do this for a while because I’d just be browsing something online and would forget to buy it through my ebates. I hate when I miss out on savings and cash back opportunities!

I hope these small tips that I use are helpful for you!

Happy Shopping !

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