How to Build a Reptile Cage

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Whichever type of a reptile pet you want to have, well, you have to know how to make an ideal habitat for him. With a proper cage, your favorite reptile will enjoy every second of his life. So, here are some things you need to consider when building a reptile cage.

The Tank

The first thing is choosing a spacious tank for your pet reptile. Now, this means that your pet should have enough room to do whatever he wants to. Also, you should buy a well-built tank, so as to provide your pet with reliability and safety.


A pet reptile cannot be healthy if a tank doesn’t offer a proper level of humidity. This is achieved through spraying the cage a couple of times per day. If you want to keep a lizard as a pet, keep in mind that there should not be any bowl with water in the cage.

Lighting and Heat

In the wild, reptiles are exposed to the sun, so they have enough heat and light. However, this cannot happen in the cage, since you should not place the tank next to the window. Instead, you should buy UVA and UVB light bulbs and heat emitters. This will give your pet what it needs, promoting its health and giving him a healthy metabolism. Just to point out, you should not put light bulbs in the cage. Quite the opposite, place it outside of a tank, otherwise, your pet reptile might burn himself.

When it comes to making an ideal reptile habitat, you should mimic the natural environment. Meaning, simulate the normal light cycles so that a pet feels like at home. This will also help him feel energized and be active. Of course, mimicking natural light cycles would be a hard task, if there is not for a timer. So, buy one of these and everything will be much easier.

Decorative Items

What better way to create a relaxed and safe reptile habitat than adding decorative items? So, consider buying live plants over fake ones, as this will make the tank look more vivid. Also, get branches, vines, rocks, a basking area and the substrate. All of these decorative items will make your pet happy and active, because he can hide, walk, climb, bask in the sun, etc.

But these items are not only designed to make your pet happy. They are also designed to make your home more beautiful and unique, adding it a nice touch. So, you can admire the tank anytime you like, and be proud (rightfully) of what you have made.


Well, now that you read this article, you know what the essential things for building a comfortable home for your reptile pet are. Remember, buy a spacious and sturdy reptile tank, and provide enough lighting, humidity, and heat to your pet. In addition to that, choose various decorative items so as to complement the look of the reptile cage and make your pet happy.

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  1. Oh boy would my grand kids and son have a fun time with that. Not sure I would though.

  2. Holly Thomas says:

    My nephew would love one of these, he loves to chase the lizards in his yard.

  3. Thank you for sharing this as my granddaughter’s birthday is in August and she would love some type of lizard for her birthday. This has been very helpful.

  4. Darcy Koch says:

    Everyone who is thinking of building a reptile cage really should read this. I imagine there are disappointed people out there who just don’t know why their pet died.

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