It’s that time again…

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It’s almost back to school time for us. Since school is to start in just a couple of weeks the kids and I decided to load up and head to town to purchase all of our school supplies. This is the first year that we have bought school supplies for 2 children. We have one going into 4th grade, one in Kindergarten and one in a 2 day a week (2 & 1/2 hr) pre-school class.

The day started off rather well. We all dressed and were out the door in record time today. We had arranged to meet up with my Mom in town. There were some sales going on in town and we were hoping to check out a few. We didn’t have a whole lot of time to get ready as my Mom was already on her way to town to meet us. I think we did quite well getting ready and heading out the door. Everyone even looked pretty good!

After going to the sales in town with my Mom we headed to Wal-Mart for school supplies (Just the boys and me.)Gotta love our Wal-Mart trips! I was so stressed by the time we left the store, and not because of the boys, but because of the demands from the school on these lists! Each grade wants a certain brand of products and a certain count and so forth. Here are a few examples….
We are in the front of the store looking at supplies (Where all of the school supplies are located-and where they are on sale!) We grab a couple of boxes of the 24 count crayons because we need one box for our 4th grader and I figure for 20 cents a box I might as well get a few for at home and later on in the year as well. I get to my Kindergartner’s list and he has to have a 16 count box of crayons and they have to be Crayola. I can’t find 16 count Crayola anywhere! So I have to go back further in the store to the craft section and there they have a 16 count box, but they are over $1.00 a box! Mind you, I know that $1.00 is not a whole lot, but it still adds up! This was not the only thing though…one needed glue sticks but had to have the large ones which were near the back of the store as well. We had a problem finding quite a few of the items they needed. By the time we were finished I had to praise the boys for being so good by of course getting them their Pokemon cards. When I got home and went over the lists I realized that I bought a few of the wrong folders (they must be certain colors and some have to have fasteners in the middle and some have to have holes along the side and the pockets need to be in certain areas…so much to look for when choosing a folder!) We also have a few other items to pick up, but nothing we can’t handle on our next trip to town.

I’m extremely exhausted from our long day.
More to come on raising my 4 sons!

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