It’s Time for New Eyeglasses…

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Every year we start the year off with vision checks and usually new eyeglasses, at least for one of us. It never fails that our oldest son needs new glasses. I used to buy him glasses several times a year, and I was always frustrated when I purchased a new pair of glasses just before his prescription changed and he needed new. 
We have a much better routine now and we get our eyes checked at the beginning of the year. It’s sort of a family affair. Only one of our children has glasses, however my husband and I both have glasses. While I’m not the roughest on my glasses, I still like to replace them from time to time. Not only do I want a good quality pair of prescription eyeglasses, but I want to look cute and stylish too. What do you look for in eyeglasses? 
My husband is probably the easiest to buy for because he’s not real picky and it seems like he looks great no matter which pair he gets. What do you think is the most important part of the glasses? My husband says it’s the glasses frames. He likes a good sturdy frame that won’t bend easily and still looks nice. I think the frames are pretty important too, but if you were to ask my 11 year old son he would probably say the nose piece. He has had some issues with a few of the pairs of glasses we purchased for him early on. Some of the nose pieces fell off easily, while others just simply bent all of the time, to the point that eventually they broke off. This is not good for a very active child. 
I like to have several different pairs of glasses on hand for myself. A woman has to match, right? My husband thinks I’m ridiculous and doesn’t understand why I need so many pairs of eyeglasses, but he doesn’t understand my need for more than one pair of shoes either! It’s ok though because while men will never understand, I know you women reading this are totally agreeing with me! 
Do you visit the Eye Doctor at least once a year? 
Do you have a routine like we do? 
We like to visit the local eye doctor and then take our prescription online to purchase our glasses. You wouldn’t believe the money you can save by doing this! 
As a matter of fact, while browsing online earlier I saw that is having a HUGE New Year’s Sale! You can get 20% OFF any pair of eyeglasses AND get FREE Shipping to the US! Just enter the code: New2012
Also, our readers will receive 10% OFF any order of prescription eyeglasses by entering the code: Blog10
Happy Shopping!
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