Not Enough Time in the Day

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Family time at my house may look a little different than yours. While most enjoy sitting down together to relax, we enjoy working together. Don’t get me wrong, we still like to sit and watch movies together, have meals together and enjoy some time by the campfire, but we also love working together.

One of the things that has really brought us together as a family is our entrepreneur spirit. I like to think that we are raising little entrepreneurs, inventors, architects and all around creative kids. We are giving them experiences, life lessons and skills that they can use throughout their adult lives and teach to their children. I hope that we are teaching them to work together and to make ugly things beautiful again.

In the process, they get to do a little destruction (boys love that sort of thing) and then they get to put things back together in a fun and new manner.

You see, we have been flipping houses for the past few years and we recently embarked on something out of our safe zone—building houses! With the help of a friend/builder, we were able to successfully put up 2 new homes over the past couple of months, and I’m excited to say that they are VERY close to being finished!

During the process of building the 2 homes, we had 2 of our rental properties become vacant. These were new properties that we had recently acquired, and while the timing wasn’t perfect, we decided that now would be the best time to completely gut and renovate the homes. We have yet to tear the one apart, however the small cottage like house is nearly complete and we already have a new tenant lined up for it! (Yay!)

I’d love to share more photos with you, however the kitchens are not complete, so be on the lookout for pics…coming soon!

More to Come on Raising My 5 Sons…

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  1. Roxanne Marie Moon says:

    That’s AMAZING you helped build some homes! I wish I was that crafty!

  2. That is so exciting! Thanks for sharing! Excited to see the future pics of the homes! Good luck w/ the rest of the remodeling and construction!

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