Wow…More Awards!

Wow, and yet more awards are passed my way. I feel so very honored that you all are thinking of me when you are passing out your bloggy awards. I am just happy that you all think that what I have to say is worth coming back and reading every day. Thanks to all of […]

80’s Disco Dancer….huh?

Is the weekend almost over already? The weekends seem to fly by so fast. We had a pretty relaxing weekend though. Friday night it was a little rainy and not really all that nice out so hubby and the boys decided to forgo the football game. Our school was playing the team right next to […]

Creativity For Kids Craft WINNER: JOSHLIN!!!

The last of my giveaways is over, but don’t worry I have some great contests lined up and hope to get them all started soon, so please be sure to check back often! 🙂 The winner of the Creativity for Kids Piggy Bank Craft kit is Joshlin!!! Winner was chosen by a random number generator […]

You get an F….Yay???

There really never is a dull moment around here. Raising 4 sons is definitely not something I ever imagined, yet I could not see myself doing it any other way now that this is my life. I love that I have 4 boys! I love the craziness and the laughs as well as the bone […]

Silence…Oh sweet silence…What do I do?

Wow, it’s quiet in here! It’s not very often that I can say that. The older boys are all tucked into their beds and the baby is sound asleep on the couch beside me. I sit here on the living room floor with the laptop on my lap and the television on (sound very low) […]

Flo Giveaway WINNER: Raquel!!!!

So sorry I didn’t post this earlier today. It has been a busy day for us today. The winner of the Flo is Raquel!!! I used Truly Random Number Generator (thought I would try something different from the usual Enter a number: I want a number between 1 and… 35 Result: 20 Congrats Raquel! […]

There’s a Mouse where?????

The craziest thing happened yesterday. I was putting my jeans on and as I started to slide my leg into my jeans I felt something fuzzy and just as I’m retracting my leg (in a huge hurry) I see a mouse scurry across the floor! Yes, that little mouse was in the leg of my […]

Product Review: Kaskey Kids College Football Guys

My boys were lucky enough to be able to review the college football sports action figures from Kaskey Kids. We have had the product for a couple of weeks now, and I feel that it has been long enough, and played with enough that I can give an honest opinion. When the toy arrived the […]