Nursing Cover WINNER!!!!

We have a winner for the FREE Nursing Cover Giveaway! The winner was chosen using We wanted to be fair and make sure everyone had a chance at winning. Drum roll please....... EMILY B. is the winner!!!! ( Emily B said... The Amy Butler Sky Wallflower nursing cover is my favourite! 8/18/09 1:42 PM) Congrats Emily I will be contacting you shortly and you will have 48 hours to get back with me with your name and shipping address. If you fail to do so we will have to choose another winner. Random Integer Generator Here are your random numbers: 17 Timestamp: 2009-08-25 12:06:27 UTC … [Read more...]

What’s that in the playhouse?

The weekend is coming to an end and the boys will be starting school soon. They are starting to get excited, but at the same time I can tell they are a little nervous as well. Our Kindergartner is really excited about making new friends and riding the school bus. I'm so happy he is not scared because he attended preschool for 2 years and cried the first couple of days both years. He has really grown up a lot this past year though. I am a little saddened that my boys are growing up so fast! Our 4th grader says that he doesn't like school and doesn't want to go back to school, but you can tell that he secretly is excited and can't wait! He did finally admit tonight that it might not be so bad at first. He will actually be changing classes this year and will have 3 different teachers. I was pretty surprised when I heard this, but as I think about it I'm thinking it might not be such a bad idea. This may help so they do not get bored and tired of the lesson or the teacher. My … [Read more...]

See Kai Run Review and FREE giveaway!!! (CLOSED-Winner:Vicki)

I have a really hard time finding cute shoes that actually fit my little guy. He is 15 months old and always seems to be falling down. I was really excited when I was told that I could review shoes by See Kai Run ! We even got to pick the pair of shoes that we wanted to review. How cool is that!? When the shoes arrived I will admit that I was pleasantly surprised. They are made of the softest leather possible! They must be very comfortable because my little guy does NOT want to take these shoes off! It is so funny because the minute he wakes in the morning he has to find his new shoes, bring them to me and I have to put them on him. If I don’t put them on him immediately he cries! I’m not joking! At night if I’m ready to go to bed and he is not yet asleep I am not allowed to take his shoes off. The other night I tried to take his shoes off when he was dosing on the couch a little and he started crying! I had to put him to bed in his new shoes! I honestly wasn’t sure what I was … [Read more...]

Open House

Open House at the kids' school went really well tonight. The hallways were very congested and all of the parents seemed to have big smiles on their faces! I heard many of the mothers say that they were just ready to get back into a routine, which I have to agree with myself. I love having the kids home during the summer, but we tend to get out of routine by the end of summer and things can get a little hectic. I think the kids crave a routine as well even though they will not always admit it. School starts next Tuesday for us. Our Kindergartner is excited, yet nervous about starting school. He got to check out his classroom and meet his teacher. He even took a tour of the school bus! Our 4th grader says he doesn't want to start school, but I really just think he is nervous about going back and getting into that routine again. Last year his best friend was in his class and this year he is not, which is not always a bad thing! He was pleased to see that the teacher in his homeroom had … [Read more...]

Silly Boys

We had a doctor's appointment today. It was basically just a well check for our little guy that is going to start preschool this year. The preschool requires that they get a physical before they can attend school. It was no big deal since he is healthy and we are having no problems. The doc said he is at the top of the charts for his height and his weight, which really doesn't surprise us since he has always been off the charts or at the very top of the charts. He was our biggest baby when he was born weighing in at 9 pounds 15 ounces! We played outside for a bit earlier today before it started to rain and storm. It was such a hot day! We really need the rain too. Our 6 year old insisting I don't take any more photos and I just let them play! The kids were all full of energy today. I must say, my hubby was as well! They were playing quite loudly all night long. It is always so cute to watch the little ones try to imitate the older ones. Our two oldest boys grabbed dish … [Read more...]

Sunny Day Makeover

Don't forget about our FREE Nursing Cover Giveaway!!! We made the bacon brownies! I know a lot of you thought we were pretty crazy yesterday when I said that we love bacon brownies, but it's true, we do! I took a pic of the brownies we made today and posted in under Another Monday if you would like to see it. I know some of you had asked me to post a pic. However, it's a little hard to tell that there is actually bacon in the brownies. Trust me, there is! :) Yesterday when I went to the grocery store I took some photos in the car on the way home. (Don't worry, I wasn't driving, my hubby was. And no, I didn't take them ALL to the grocery store, I dropped them off at his parents house and picked them up when I was done.) Anyways, wow I get off track easily...I took some photos and wanted to share a few with you. Remember though that the car was moving 55mph and I had to shoot fast. The sun was just beautiful though! What do you all think of the new look? I had my … [Read more...]

Another Monday…

Don't forget to check out my FREE Nursing Cover Giveaway!!!! Today was a pretty lazy day for us. Not a lot going on here. We did finally get a little rain, which wasn't enough to do much, but was so needed. Let's just hope we get a little more soon. I don't normally wish for rain, but our grass is really starting to turn brown and everything is getting so dry. I did my grocery shopping today. You wouldn't believe how much 4 little boys can eat in one week! My children are still young too. I'm sure that when they are all teenagers I'm going to have to get a couple of jobs just to pay for food. ha ha! As I have said in the past I love going to Kroger because I seem to get so much for my money. My mother in law went with me tonight and she pushed a cart for me. I filled 2 full carts! Crazy how much you can fit in an SUV as well. The boys made a special request before I left for the store. They wanted me to get the stuff to make bacon brownies. Now I know this sounds really odd … [Read more...]

Summer Fun and a Wedding!

Be sure to check out My FREE Giveaway!!!!! What a beautiful weekend! Saturday I took photos at a wedding. It was a lovely outdoor wedding. Everything turned out really nice and I think I got a lot of great shots! Daddy spent the day with the boys while I was at the wedding taking photos. It saddens me a little to know that the boys were really excited about it being just the guys most of the day. I think they need that every now and then though, and I'm happy that they have so much fun with Daddy. I get to spend time with them every day while my hubby is at work, so it's only fair that Daddy has some alone time with his boys every now and then too. Of course, I'm sure they are breaking every rule in the book when Mommy is out! :) We went to my Mom's house today. The boys always get so excited about going to visit! They just love playing on the farm (as they call it.) They chased the chickens and got to see the new baby kittens. They were so small and so cute! I'm glad … [Read more...]