Flo Review and Giveaway(WINNER:Raquel)

I was excited to try out this next product. We received the Flo Water Deflector and Protective Faucet Cover with Bubble Bath Dispenser in the mail a little over a week ago. When I initially got it I honestly didn’t care if it did anything other than cover the faucet and protect my little guys […]

First Day of Preschool…

Today was our 4 year old’s first day of preschool. It is actually sort of the stepping stone to his independence. I guess you could say that I’m a very overprotective parent. Since I am a stay at home Momma I really don’t have a sitter for the boys. My hubby and I never really […]

Lake Photoshoot…what fun!

We had a great long Holiday weekend. My hubby is home until Wed. He took the day off of work tomorrow since it is our 4 year old’s first day of preschool. I’ll be ok, really I’ll be fine!!!! I just keep telling myself that. We had a lot of fun kid friendly meals this […]

The president reaching out to our children???

I have been thinking a lot about this issue. I am curious as to what others are thinking. Do you agree that it’s ok for Obama to reach out to our children? Do you think that the children should be left out of it because they are young and vulnerable? What is your opinion? I’m […]

Wow…Dyson Sweeper Giveaway!!!!

Wow! I found a blog that is giving away a Dyson Sweeper!!! Can you believe it? As you all know I don’t normally post giveaways that aren’t my own (except of course the giveaway I posted to win another sweeper not long ago…darnit, I really wanted to win it too!) Anyways, I REALLY REALLY need […]


I have been meaning to put up an award that I received from Molly at I’m a Sleeper Baker. (She’s the one that posted about eating chocolate brownies and bacon and got me started on that!) Thanks Molly for being such a great bloggy friend and sending me the Loyalty Award. The Loyalty Award is […]

Mommy…Your water might get hot!

I got my shower a little later today. My oldest has been taking his showers in the morning lately. He has been wanting to let his hair grow out and it is getting pretty curly, so when he wakes up in the morning it is all over the place. He has a mini-fro. It’s pretty […]

Busy Wednesday…

This morning the mechanic called to tell us that our vehicle was finished. We had a loaner vehicle (a minivan) and while it was ok, I was happy to have my SUV back. We rushed around this morning getting everyone ready and out the door in a reasonable amount of time. Today was my Kindergartner’s […]