Little boys and bugs…

I chased the boys around the yard with my camera again today when they got home from school. They are really getting tired of me doing this, but I just can’t help myself! I find that you get some of the best photos when they are not posed or planned. I tend to get the […]


Wow today was a long day! I had 3 kids home today (it was our Kindergartner’s off day.) Tomorrow I will have one at home at one point in the day. I hope to get a lot accomplished in that 2 1/2 hours time. We’ll see! So tonight for supper we had a cheese stuffed […]

Daddy’s Birthday and yummy recipe!

Today was picture day at school. Of course, my 6 year old decided to fight with me about what I was making him wear (he is pretty picky and would prefer wearing comfy clothes all of the time if he could.) However, the boys put on their cute shirts and we smoothed their hair down […]

Wow…More Awards!

Wow, and yet more awards are passed my way. I feel so very honored that you all are thinking of me when you are passing out your bloggy awards. I am just happy that you all think that what I have to say is worth coming back and reading every day. Thanks to all of […]

80’s Disco Dancer….huh?

Is the weekend almost over already? The weekends seem to fly by so fast. We had a pretty relaxing weekend though. Friday night it was a little rainy and not really all that nice out so hubby and the boys decided to forgo the football game. Our school was playing the team right next to […]

Creativity For Kids Craft WINNER: JOSHLIN!!!

The last of my giveaways is over, but don’t worry I have some great contests lined up and hope to get them all started soon, so please be sure to check back often! 🙂 The winner of the Creativity for Kids Piggy Bank Craft kit is Joshlin!!! Winner was chosen by a random number generator […]

You get an F….Yay???

There really never is a dull moment around here. Raising 4 sons is definitely not something I ever imagined, yet I could not see myself doing it any other way now that this is my life. I love that I have 4 boys! I love the craziness and the laughs as well as the bone […]

Silence…Oh sweet silence…What do I do?

Wow, it’s quiet in here! It’s not very often that I can say that. The older boys are all tucked into their beds and the baby is sound asleep on the couch beside me. I sit here on the living room floor with the laptop on my lap and the television on (sound very low) […]