Birthday Bash!

The above photo is of the sunset yesterday evening. The pic really doesn’t show just how beautiful the sky actually was, but I still wanted to share the photo with you all. I hope you enjoy! It has been a few days since I have blogged. I have been spending time with my family and […]

Aren’t we the cutest???

I hate when my babies cry. I especially hate when they are crying because I have to leave them. I don’t leave often, but on the occassion that I do my youngest gets really upset. Yesterday I had a funeral to attend, so my hubby stayed home with the 3 boys that weren’t in school […]

When all else fails…Laugh

I am blogging a little earlier today than I normally do. I usually like to wait until the end of the day and then I can tell you all about how our day went. However, ALL of the older boys are in school at the moment and the baby is sound asleep, so I thought […]

All of the boys were home today. My middle two did not have school today (they go on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and my Kindergartner also goes every other Friday.) My oldest was not feeling well this morning. We have kind of been passing something around our house the last week. No fun! I hate how […]


Creativity For Kids Craft Review & Giveaway(WINNER:Joshlin)

We were lucky enough to review a craft kit from Creativity for Kids. The boys were so excited when the kit arrived because they LOVE to do crafts! Honestly, they may be messy and a lot of clean up but they are so fun for the kids, and they keep them busy for such a […]

Football…Football….and more football…

My title says it all! We have been watching football ALL weekend! Really, do they have to have that many football games on in 1 day? My family thinks they must watch them ALL too! To be honest I’m pretty much a girly girl. I was big into barbie dolls and cheerleading and gymnastics and […]

Winner!!! Free $20 Credit to CSN Office Furniture…

I am so sorry I am late posting this! I was supposed to post this yesterday, and it completely slipped my mind being that we are in anniversary mode here! (Which was great by the way!) Anyways, I’m sure you are all sitting there saying get to the point lady! The winner is Elizabeth! You […]

10 years…..

Yesterday was the day that my hubby and I first started dating 13 years ago! We really wanted to get married on a day close to the day that we first started dating, so we got married on the 11th. Today we celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary. It was such a beautiful day! My […]