Wow, what a crazy weekend!

I always hate to see the weekend come to an end, but I must admit that I'm a little happy to see this weekend end. We had such a busy, hard working weekend, and I am ready to just sit back and relax for a change! I'll start off by telling you that we are officially DONE, yes I said it, DONE siding the house! Woohoo!!! It was a process and took up several weekends, but we did it and we saved ourselves so much money doing it ourselves. I must say though that without the help of my father in law and our wonderful neighbor it would have taken us a little longer. So thanks to you guys! (Although, I'm sure they are not reading my blog.) We were invited to attend a wedding reception of a girl that I was best friends with in high school. We had lost touch for a while, as she moved to a nearby state and I guess we both started our families and were concentrating on that. I was SO excited the day that we reconnected on facebook! It really is a wonderful place to find old friends! I … [Read more...]

Wow! Another Award!

Wow, I am SO grateful to those of you who have chosen me for these wonderful awards! I really do feel honored! I have been chosen for the Meme Award! Thank you so much Hot Cross Mum!!!! The rules are as follows: *Acknowledge the person who gave you the award *List 7 Personality Traits about yourself *Pass the award on to 7 other blogs that deserve recognition for the personalities that they share with the blogging world So here are my 7 Personality traits: Caring~I believe myself tobe a very caring person. I have a hard time passing someone on the street when I feel they may be in need. As a mother I feel this is a great trait to posses. Motherly~A lot of people have told me that I have a very motherly instinct. I have had several friends and family call me on numerous occassion to ask for parenting advice. I love dishing out the advice and love that they are asking for my help! Bossy~I will admit that I am the oldest child in my family and I may be a bit bossy from … [Read more...]

One Lovely Blog Award

Wow! I won an award! I'm super excited and I must thank Yonca at Yonca is cookingI love reading her site and feel so privileged to have been offered this award by her! Thanks Yonca!!!! The rules of the “One Lovely Blog Award” are:Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.Now time to share some love!!!I'd like to pass this lovely award on to the following friends;Jenna at The Jackson FiveMolly at I'm a Sleeper BakerMya at Surviving 3 BoysStitchin Sarah at Beans Bags and BottomsChris at ChattersceneClueless Momma at Guessing All The WayElizabeth at In The Mommy TrenchesChar_Char at Not Your Typical Mom Annette at Under The LoupeErin at The Testosteron AdventuresMomma Snail at The Snail's TrailFirst time Mommy at First Time MommyThe Mattesons at All … [Read more...]

Guess I didn’t need that!

My title is the story of my life! When you live in a house full of boys everything is disposable! When shopping for anything you have to keep in mind that one of the kids may break it! I don't know what it is about angels, but anytime I get an angel one of the kids breaks it! It used to always be the right wing of the angel, but today the baby broke the bottom of, what I think is my very last angel. I have had this one for several years, and I was really beginning to grow accustomed to it. Today I rewarded the boys for their cleaning efforts the last couple of days. They are always so excited to get their rewards! I love treating them too when they help out around the house! So we loaded up and went to Wal-Mart. It sort of slipped my mind that there was a festival going on in town, and boy was it crowded! I was a little half tempted to turn around and take the boys another day, but they were so excited and had worked so hard for it. We pulled into the completely packed parking lot and … [Read more...]

Problems with Blogger….

Maybe some of you are having the same problem as I am, but for those of you that aren't I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm having problems with the "Follow" section. I can not see my followers on my page and when I go to other pages I can not see YOUR followers (therefore I can not sign up to follow blogs.) I'm hoping they get the issue fixed soon! I have googled the topic and see that many other people are having this issue. Rest assure, if you are following me and have asked me to check out your site I will do just that as soon as the issues with "Followers" have been resolved! Have a great Friday! More about raising my 4 sons later :) … [Read more...]

Raising the roof

Remember all of that cleaning we did yesterday? Why did we bother? Today my sister needed a sitter for a couple of hours. I don't mind watching her kids because they are so adorable and the boys love playing with them! She has 2 little boys ages 4 and 2. The first part of the day started off quite gloomy, so the kids played inside for a while. By the time my sister got back from her appointment this is what the playroom floor looked like! You wouldn't believe what 6 BOYS can do in just 5 minutes! By about noon the sun was starting to come out and things were drying up, so after lunch we headed outdoors for a while. Some of the neighbor kids (2 boys and a girl) came over to play as well. I did manage to get a pic of all of them (this one I will admit was posed as I wanted the shot of everyone to be from behind.) Can you imagine what it would have looked like if all of these kids would have been in the playroom this morning!? It was pretty hard to get 9 kids to stand still even for … [Read more...]

Rain…Rain…Go Away!

Talk about a crazy day! It rained off and on almost all day so we were stuck indoors most of the day. Of course, I decided that since we are going to be having a birthday party here in a couple of weeks (our 2nd child is turning 6) we should do housework today. Now I do housework daily, but today I wanted to go through and do a real good cleaning. The kids were a little bummed about it at first, but once we got started they seemed to be enjoying themselves! They were wiping everything down with their little rags. It was actually pretty fun! Not that I really think cleaning is fun, but I really enjoy spending time with my boys, and I love when they are getting along. And then it happened...someone decided that what they were cleaning was not the most fun thing to clean and from then on the fighting began! A house with 4 children can be quite crazy at times, but I assure you that a house full of boys is also quite loud! While I love to listen to the boys ramblings and funny stories, I … [Read more...]