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This post is sponsored by Rachael Ray Every Day magazine, SlimFast & Snack Factory. All opinions expressed are our own.

Can you believe that it is already October? Where has this year gone? Before we know it we will be gathered around the table enjoying a big Thanksgiving dinner with family. I don’t particularly love the cold that comes with this time of the year, but this is one of my favorite times of the year. I love all of the quality time we get to spend together as a family. I love getting together with extended family and sharing laughs around good food and just getting to enjoy everyone’s company. I love how life just sort of stands still during the holidays and we get to make special memories together.

My friends at Rachael Ray Every Day magazine along with SlimFast and Snack Factory have sent me this amazing “Give Thanks” package to help me have a balanced happy and healthy holiday this year! Isn’t it great!? I feel like I’m one step closer to being ready for the holidays now. I’m super excited about the Racheal Ray cookware! I’m always toting along a casserole dish and they can sometimes get hot when transporting them. I love that this one comes with an insulated bag (to hold the heat in) and it has a carrying handle! I can’t wait to try the SlimFast Meal Replacement Smoothie Mix and Snack Factory’s delicious Pretzel Crisps! These will help me stay on track while I’m rushing everyone and everything around trying to plan, prepare and gather things for outings.

SlimFast Meal Replacement has up to 20g protein (when mixed with 8 oz fat free milk); 5g of fiber and 24 vitamins and minerals and it is clinically prove to help lose weight and keep it off. I love the convenience of being able to blend and go! I am always so busy, especially this time of the year and I have a super hard time planning for myself. SlimFast is backed by over 50 clinical studies, so I know that it’s not something that is new and hasn’t been tested. As a matter of fact, I can remember my own mother drinking it when I was a little girl!

I find the SlimFast plan to be super easy: 1 sensible meal, 2 SlimFast Meal Replacement Smoothies, and three 100-calorie snacks a day.

Snack Factory® Pretzel Crisps® are a thin, crunchy pretzel cracker. You can find them in the deli section at the grocery store. They are often located at other points of the store as well. Not only do they taste delicious, but they are a low fat snack with only 110 calories per serving (10-11 crisps in a serving). They contain no saturated fat, no trans fat and no cholesterol. This really is a great on-the go snack! Snack Factory® Pretzel Crisps® are great alone, for dipping or paired with meats and cheeses. I’ll admit, I can’t eat just one!

How you would like to WIN your own “Give Thanks” gift package?

Included in the Prize Package:

  • 11 oz. SlimFast Meal Replacement Smoothie Mix
  • 2 oz. bag of Snack Factory Pretzel Chips
  • One (1) Rachael Ray Cucina 5 Piece Tool Set
  • One (1) Rachael Ray Expandable Lasagna Lugger
  • One (1) Rachael Ray Silicone Heat Resistant Multi-Use Leaf Design Trivet
  • One (1) Rachael Ray Cucina Stoneware 9-Inch
  • One (1) Rachael Ray 3-Tier Wooden Stacking Salt Box
  • One (1) Rachael Ray Multifunctional 2-in-1 Moppine
  • One (1) Rachael Ray’s Everyone is Italian on Sunday

Giveaway begins October 24, 2017 and ends November 8, 2017.

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  1. My favorite holiday dish is homemade cornbread dressing using fresh pecans from my dad’s trees.

  2. My favorite holiday dish is my Grandma’s scalloped corn!

  3. Maryann D. says:

    My favorite holiday dish would be lasagna or baked ziti. My mom always made that.

  4. My favorite holiday dish is prime rib

  5. jeremy mclaughlin says:

    Favorite holidy dish is ham.

  6. My favorite holiday dish is a nicely roasted turkey. I also love mashed potatoes and beets as a side!

  7. I always love sweet potato souffle.

  8. My favorite holiday dish is sweet potato pie w/ marshmallows.

  9. My favorite dish is candied yams.

  10. Jessica To says:

    My favorite holiday dish is homemade mac and cheese.

    • I think this is my boys’ favorite as well! Not going to lie—it’s comfort food for me and I’m always excited to splurge and eat a big portion!

  11. Jennifer Wright says:

    My favorite holiday dish is sweet potato casserole.

  12. I like pumpkin pie.

  13. Sarah Hall says:

    I love the sweet potato casserole with pecans on top.

  14. Laura Ari says:

    I love corn pudding!

  15. I love mashed potatoes. Simple but delicious!

  16. I love the stuffing.

  17. carol clark says:

    corn pudding i love love love

  18. My favorite holiday dish the stuffing

  19. I love homemade cheesy potatoes.

  20. green bean casserole

  21. My mom’s noodles and cheesy mashed potatoes

  22. So many awesome goodies! I would have to say, my favorite holiday dish is definitely pecan bread pudding. It is my favorite!

  23. Rajee Pandi says:

    cornbread is always my favorite

  24. Heather Dawn says:

    My favorite is green bean casserole!

  25. Mary Gardner says:

    My favorite holiday dish is cornbread dressing.

  26. rachael debates says:

    mac and cheese!

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