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As most of you already know, I was taking part in the Shaklee Cinch weight loss program over the last 6 months (from June-December) and I have lost quite a bit of weight, 30 pounds and 31 inches to be exact, please take a minute to read about my before and after weight loss. I have some big announcements to make about Shaklee and their weight loss program. Not only have they changed the name of the program, it is no longer Shaklee Cinch, but is now called Shaklee 180. Doesn’t it have a nice ring to it? I think so! More info about Shaklee 180

Shaklee 180 is a weight loss program with clinically-tested products* that take you beyond Before & After to your happily ever After-After. This could quite possibly be the last weight-loss program you’ll ever need (I mean that!)

The first 90 days is devoted to losing the weight and the next 90 days are to learn how to keep it off.

The shakes are delicious and now have a new yummy name, Shaklee Smoothees (I’m hungry just thinking about them!)

One of my favorite things about the Shaklee 180 weight loss program is the supportive Shaklee 180 community with all of the tools and rewards you will need to stay motivated, reach your goals and change your habits for good.

There are 2 kits you can choose from when you start the Shaklee 180 weight loss program, the Turnaround Kit:

With the Turnaround Kit you can go from before to after with clinically tested weight loss products.* This is a program designed to burn fat, not muscle (this is a very important part of keeping that weight off).

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The Lean & Healthy Kit:

Enhance your After-After with these clinically tested products, and a program designed to create a leaner, healthier you.

I did a 180, won’t you join me?

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Now is YOUR time to do a 180! Shaklee is looking for 90 new bloggers to take part in the Shaklee 180 Blogger Program. Application form and details, Shaklee 180 on Twitter.

We would love to have you learn more information about the Shaklee 180 on Twitter as well as information about the last Shaklee 180, (the one I took part in), also be sure to read more about Shaklee 180 on Twitter  so that you can better understand what this diet can do for your life.

Be sure to follow Shaklee 180 on Twitter and Shaklee 180 on Facebook so you don’t miss out on anything exciting!

* The weight loss portion of the Shaklee 180 Program was tested in a preliminary 12-week clinical study.  The Lean and Healthy portion of the Shaklee 180 Program was tested in a 9 month study along with exercise.

·        Lose inches with Leucine
·         The secret to Shaklee 180 products is Leucine – an amino acid that signals your body to retain muscle, so you lose the right kind of weight. On conventional diets you lose muscle along with the fat. The Shaklee 180 Program is designed so that nearly every pound you shed is fat.
** That’s right, almost all fat. So your metabolism can power on as the inches come off. And that’s the skinny. On you.
**Based on a preliminary 12-week clinical study and skin fold caliper measurements to estimate lean body mass and fat mass.
·         Shaklee 180 ™ Workouts
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  1. Dorothy Boucher says:

    wow how nice, I mean for you to have loss all that weight,,, I have such an issue with mine.. I know I need some help when I am not able to do it by myself.. happy for you

  2. ellen beck says:

    I have known others who have had great success with this program. I have never tried it as honestly for some reason I am more into salts than sweets and all the product seems to be sweet. I am a carb addict!

  3. Oh I hear ya on the salty stuff! I’m trying to start my diet back up (Yep, I gave up and gained a bunch of weight back sadly) and I’m having a hard time giving up the salt and sweets!

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