Special Guests and a Pic of ME!

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What a busy last couple of days!
 Monday I attended the Technology Fair with my oldest son. I was very impressed when I found out that he was one of only 7 or 8 kids from his whole grade that were chosen to do something at the Technology Fair. I’m so proud of him! 
Thursday we had Special Guest day at my 4 year old’s preschool. This is always a lot of fun for us because we get to watch them sing some songs as well as do a few little activities with them. We planted seeds outside this year, and the kids fed us homemade ice cream that they had made. I’m always a little nervous eating stuff that a bunch of 4 year olds have made, but it was yummy! 
Later that night we went out to supper at a neat-o little Fifties Diner. The boys loved it there! 
Today while the older 2 boys were in school I decided to go to a few yard sales. My Mom rode along, which was great because I didn’t have to get the younger 2 boys out every time I walked up to a sale. We didn’t find anything wonderful, but I did pick up a “like new” highchair for $7! I love a good deal! 
The older 2 boys each had a friend stay the night tonight. The younger 2 boys are fast asleep on the couch while the older 4 are keeping one another occupied while running from room to room. They are having so much fun! I’m sure they are going to be bummed in a few minutes when I tell them it is bed time. I’m such a party pooper! 
We have another busy day ahead of us tomorrow. 
Before I go I promised I would post a 7 month belly pic, and since I have never shown you all a pic of myself…Here you go!!! (Mind you my face is FAT b/c I’m 7 months pregnant!)
More to Come on Raising My 4 Sons…
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