Sweet little conversations….

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I like to think of myself as a pretty sneaky mom that is somewhat on top of things. We have baby monitors in the boys bedrooms, our bedroom and the living room so that when we are sitting downstairs and the boys are in bed we can hear exactly what is going on. The boys like to try to whisper so that we can’t hear, but to be honest I can understand what they are saying better when they whisper. You can’t fool Mommy! So they are laying in bed tonight and I’m sitting here listening to their little conversations they are having. It’s pretty funny to listen to them talk. I really don’t understand what they are getting at or what the point of their conversations are, but they are talking and giggling, so they must just get each other. It’s great! As I’m sitting here listening to them with a smile on my face the baby climbs down off of my lap (he is awake because he took a late nap today) and crawls over to Daddy. As he is climbing up on Daddy he is saying “Momma, Momma, Momma!” Daddy is saying “No, I’m Daddy.” But, he proceeds to climb up onto Daddy’s lap and then pulls his shirt up! It was so funny!!!! For those of you that haven’t been following the blog long, we are working on weaning and are only nursing at night now, so when it starts getting late and he starts getting tired he REALLY wants to nurse! My husband will love me for sharing that, but it was just to funny to not share!

I was super excited today! I found out earlier today that my baby boy is going to get a FREE pair of shoes to try out! I’m going to do a review on them and let you all know what we think. They are super cute! Wait, it gets better!!! We will also be giving away a FREE, yes FREE pair of shoes to one lucky reader!!! It just keeps getting better and better! I will post all of the details once the shoes have arrived.

Thanks to all that are reading and following! I really do appreciate it!
More to come on raising my 4 sons! 🙂

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