12 Days of Halloween Crafts and Recipes Starts TODAY!

Forget about the creepy and unwanted thoughts that come when you think about money spent on Halloween crafts and recipes! We are here to give you a list of fun crafts and recipes that you can prepare together as a family without breaking the bank! We are honored to launch the 12 Days of Halloween Crafts and Recipes Ideas for you! DAY 1 is represented by a Halloween Sucker Spiders Craft that shows endless possibilities when it comes to decoration! Celebrate Woman Today shares her version of this simple and affordable craft. Find details for the Sucker Spiders here.   Before you leave, check out other recipes and crafts that will inspire YOU to do something out-of-the-box this Halloween season! linky code … [Read more...]

Fun Valentine’s Day Craft

My boys and I love doing crafts together. We were hoping to make a fun Valentine's Day craft that wouldn't take too much effort. This craft was so simple that even our 4 year old could do it! Items Needed: Paper Plates Scissors Stapler (or strong tape). You could also use a hole punch and put ribbon or string along the edges. Markers and other items to decorate The joy of this project is that you can decorate it however you like, with whatever items you like. We chose Valentine's Day doilies, markers and ribbon. Step 1 Grab 2 paper plates. Cut one in half and leave the other intact. Step 2 Flip one of your paper plate halves over and staple it to the front of the paper plate that was not cut. (See photo below). Be sure to staple around the edges well so that candy and treats do not fall through any small holes. Step 3 Decorate! This is the fun part because you can use your own creativity and decorate however you like. We stapled ribbon across the top of … [Read more...]