Trade you What???

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I always find it funny how little boys can be so competitive. I guess I can remember being somewhat competitive as a child to a certain extent, but it seems like my boys are always trying to out-do one another. For instance, if one of them jumps for no particular reason, he just wants to jump, one of the other boys will have to try to out-jump him! They do it with everything! They are always trading things too. When school was still in session this past year my oldest son came home with some Pokemon cards. He said that the boys at school are always trading them. So, being the nice Mommy that I am I have been buying them each their own Pokemon cards to trade with their friends. The baby doesn’t care about them yet, he just wants to bend them and eat them when he gets his little hands on them. I don’t really think our (almost) 4 year old cares a whole lot about them, although he likes to pretend to. His older brothers are always pulling fast ones on him like…
Older Brother: You trade me 3 of your crappy cards like (insert card name)and I’ll give you this 1 really cool card! It’s my favorite and I really don’t want to get rid of it, but you have so many crappy cards, so I really want to help you get rid of some of those crappy cards and get some good ones like I have!

Little Brother: Cool! Yeah, take my crappy cards, here, take 6 of them cuz I don’t want any crappy cards!

And that my friends is how the older brothers get what they want!
I’m sitting here on the couch nursing the baby a little bit ago (Yes, he is nursing and it’s not night time, but I’m a sucker and he is teething and needs his Momma, so I’m not going to deprive him!) Anyways, I got off track for a minute…I’m sitting here nursing and my middle two boys, ages 6 and 4 are standing in the hallway talking. I can vaguely hear what they are saying, but I did hear this…
6 year old: If you just give it to me I’ll give you some of my armpit hair. You want my armpit hair don’t you?

I didn’t hear my 4 year old reply. I think he was probably as stunned and confused as I was. Of course, I’m kind of half laughing as I call my 6 year old in to show me his armpit hair (which of course he doesn’t have!)

Little boys are just so silly sometimes!

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