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I have received emails from a couple of you asking how my surgery went the other day. I am so sorry I haven’t had a chance to update you all sooner. 
Here goes..
I am doing fine. 
I did have surgery (to break up my kidney stones and place a stent in from my bladder to my kidneys) last Friday. As you all know, I was very nervous about the surgery because I have never had a major surgery, have never been put to sleep, and have never been away from my 6 week old baby, or given him a bottle. We were able to get him to take a bottle and a pacifier wonderfully until I was able to resume nursing. Thank Goodness!
I went to the doctor’s office today and had the stent removed. It hurt a little, but was nothing major. I am having some muscle spasms now, which can be quite painful, however I know this too will pass and hopefully I will be good and on my way to recovery, with no more stones! 
However, when I came home from the hospital I noticed a lump on the front of my neck. I asked my Urologist about this today. I wasn’t sure if it could have been related to the tube they had down my throat when I was put out, or what it was. When I asked the doctor he said that he thought maybe it was my Thyroid gland and that it was not related to the surgery, however that he thought I should have it looked at soon. 
So, now I have an appointment with my family doctor later this week to have that looked at. 
I’m just praying it’s nothing major and something simple that can easily be taken care of. 
The last 6 weeks have been very busy to say the least. 
I would like to sit back, relax, and enjoy my babies now. 🙂
About the boys…
My boys are all doing well and adjusting nicely to school. 
Tomorrow will be the first day of school for my preschooler (3rd son.) He is pretty excited! This will be his second year in preschool. (Pre-K this year.) 
My 1st grader amazes me more every day. I’m so amazed at how much he picks up on and how well he is doing with reading and writing. I seriously think he writes neater than my 5th grader! 
My 5th grader is doing great as well and is really excited about having netbooks in the classroom to work on! He loves computers so much! I really think he probably knows more about them sometimes than I do! I see him having a profession that involves computers when he is older. 🙂
Our 2 year old is so silly and learning so much from all of us. He is counting to 10 and as you all know he fully potty trained just before the baby was born…yay! We haven’t been having any messes in the bathroom lately either…fingers crossed that it stays that way! 
The baby is doing wonderfully!
I had to cancel his well check last week since I had to have surgery, but he will be going in on Thursday for a 7week well check, and I’ll let you all know how he is doing growth wise. I can say though that he is growing so incredibly fast! 
More to Come on Raising My 5 Sons…
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