What will they come up with next?

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We spent all day indoors today. After such a busy weekend we needed a day at home to just sit and relax. Well, relaxing is what I had planned, but I should have known there wasn’t going to be a whole lot of relaxing happening on my end. This morning I snuck out of bed at 7am. I was really quiet and crept down the steps so I didn’t wake anyone up. I actually got to drink 2 cups of coffee before anyone came running down the steps! I really don’t know how they can wake up with so much energy! It’s like their little eyes open and they just JUMP out of bed and RUN down the stairs!

The boys decided to get creative in the kitchen today. They had asked for chocolate milk after lunch, so I poured them each a glass of chocolate milk. I went into the other room to pick up some things that were laying around. I hear one of the boys giggling, which usually is a sign of something going on that I’m not going to think is so funny. So, I sneak into the kitchen (I want to see what is going on before they catch me peeking on them.) I like to try to catch them in the act that way I don’t have to ask who did what and listen to 3 completely different stories about what went on. It’s never anyone’s fault but the baby or the dog, you know? So, as I’m rounding the corner I see my almost 4 year old pouring mustard into his chocolate milk! Of course, I tell him to stop because I know what the outcome is going to be. He is going to take a drink, say it tastes yucky and then pour the whole glass out and want me to pour him a new one. The glass was already half full of mustard, so we did pour it down the drain. Boys! They do some silly things sometimes! I’m not sure what ever even possessed him to get the mustard out to begin with!
Silly silly boys!

More to come on my life and raising my 4 sons! 🙂

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