Why I Won’t Be Stepping Foot In Kroger Again…

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Disclaimer: All opinions expressed are my own. I did not receive anything to write this post, however I felt the need to share my story.

Did the title catch you off guard? I mean, I’m the mom that boasts about how worn out my Kroger Rewards card is and how much I appreciate that they finally put a Kroger in my town a few years ago. It’s true….I still love Kroger!

But, you won’t see me in the store near as often as you used to.


Because Kroger has this awesome new service called Kroger ClickList (<—You can read about it there)! I feel like they had the busy mom in mind when they created this. I don’t know who came up with the idea, but I seriously LOVE YOU!!!!

So, here’s how it works.

You go online to Kroger.com  and sign up for an account (if you haven’t already done so. If you have one, just log in).

Once you get there, at the top of the screen,  it will say Order Online. You click on that and on the pull down menu, click ClickList Pick up at Store. (Photo  below).

Now, start shopping!

Just add what you would like to your cart. If what you want isn’t showing up, simply go to the search bar at the top right of the screen and type in what you’d like. But, don’t forget to add your coupons!

What? You didn’t know about Kroger’s digital coupons?

I always make it a point to add my coupons to my card before I do my Kroger ClickList order, that way I can take advantage of more savings. Also, if you have paper coupons you can bring those along with you as well.

(The # has been covered in the photo above).

When you get to Kroger, simply pull up to one of the Clicklist parking spots. They are easy to spot and close to the store, so you won’t have to drive far. Call the number listed on the sign in front of you and the nice person on the other end of the phone will explain the next steps from there. It’s super easy and doesn’t take long at all! I like to swing through the coffee shop so I have a coffee or tea to sip while I’m waiting. Today they were so fast I didn’t even have time to drink any of my coffee! (Note: In my experience, they have been busier on the weekends).

That’s it! They bring the groceries to your car, load them up, and you’re on your way!

This is why you’ll very seldom see me INSIDE of Kroger.

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  1. I cannot wait to try this! We are moving home soon and there is a Kroger right in town!! It sounds so easy to use!

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